4 Indicators Of Wrong Soul Ties

Out of the hundreds of video podcasts I’ve recorded, my highest viewed videos on YouTube are on “Breaking Soul Ties”. I receive countless emails, letters and messages from women and men with questions about this intimate topic. They are in wrong relationships, admit that it’s wrong, but cannot seem to move on. Teenagers have crossed the line with various partners and don’t know how to make things right. Old flames have re-kindled an inappropriate secret romance. They grieve in their soul when that person rejects them, moves on to someone else, or God clearly instructs them to end things. To put it mildly, soul ties are powerful.

What are soul ties?
A soul tie is an emotional bond or connection that unites you with someone else. You can become bound to a person through your soul.

Have you found yourself tormented by thoughts about a person, excessively wondering about them, checking on them, rehearsing times with them? If so, you have soul ties. Have you grieved over a severed relationship with someone you were once close to? If so, you have soul ties.

Soul ties are formed through close friendships, through vows, commitments and promises, and through physical intimacy. Not all soul ties are bad. God wants us to have healthy relationships that build us up, provide wisdom, and give godly counsel. God will strategically bring good relationships into our lives to form healthy soul ties. “When David had finished speaking to Saul, the soul of Jonathan was knit with the soul of David, and Jonathan loved him as his own life” (1 Sam. 18:1 (AMP). In contrast, Satan always brings counterfeits into our lives to form unhealthy soul ties.

A few ways unhealthy soul ties can be formed include:

· Abusive relationships (physically, sexually, emotionally, verbally)
· Adulterous affairs
· Sex before marriage
· Obsessive entanglements with a person (giving them more authority in your life than you give to God)
· Controlling relationships

Four Indicators of Wrong Soul Ties

1. “I feel so confused.”
When you are outside the will of God in a particular relationship, you will experience confusion. Your feelings will tell you one thing; your spirit will tell you another. That’s where the confusion comes in. “God is not the author of confusion but of peace” (1 Cor. 14:33, KJV). If you are not experiencing peace in this relationship or “soul tie”, then something is not right. That is the Holy Spirit warning you and working to get your attention. You need to respect these warnings. They are not to be brushed off or treated as a small thing. Honor the Holy Spirit’s leading in your life. You should not feel confused if you are in the will of God, and honestly, why would you want to be any other place? When you are confused about a relationship, you can make unwise, regretful decisions. You need to take purposeful steps in feeding your spirit the truth of God’s Word. The truth always overrides deception.

2. “I’m just miserable.”
When we persist in doing something that we know God is not in agreement with, we will experience a type of misery that doesn’t go away. You may feel uneasy inside, extreme anxiety, sorrow or pain. You may feel disgusted by what you’re doing, yet feel powerless to change your situation. Those are all indicators that Satan is at work in your life to destroy it. David cried out in Psalm 38:8, “I am exhausted and completely crushed. My groans come from an anguished heart.” (NLT). If that describes how you feel when you’re alone, I want you to know there is hope. Psalm 23:3 says, “He restores my soul” (NIV). Those four little words will redefine your life. God will restore your mind, your will and your emotions.

3. “My mind is tormented.”
The mind of Christ is one that is at peace no matter what the circumstances. When Satan has invaded our souls through wrong soul ties, our minds will not be at rest. This is where your battle takes place. Is your mind constantly replaying images of the past and rehearsing previous conversations like a broken record? Do your thoughts produce fear or make you feel unclean? Whatever is going on in your mind is affecting your emotional state. Your feelings are indicators of what you are thinking about. Second Corinthians 10:5 says that we are to renew our minds by taking “captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ” (NIV). I will be the first to admit that this is not easy, but it is necessary. You can do this. As a Christian you can get your thoughts under the control of your reborn spirit. How? By speaking God’s Word out of your mouth every single time a negative thought enters your mind. Don’t just think it, speak it. It can be as simple as saying: “Thank You, Lord, that you restore my soul”… over and over and over. Be persistent. There’s nothing Satan hates more than to hear you speak the Word of God and the name of Jesus out of your mouth!

4. “I didn’t mean to disobey God…on purpose.”
If you feel like you have been dealing with a situation for far too long and nothing seems to help you get beyond it, remember this phrase: God will not advance your instructions beyond your last act of disobedience. If you don’t fully obey what God is telling you to do, you will never move beyond your current circumstances. I don’t know what that means to you, but I know what it meant for me years ago. I was desperate to move beyond my circumstances no matter how painful it would be.

Why would we disobey God?

· We doubt our ability to hear from God.
· It hurts too badly.
· It’s uncomfortable.
· It’s not what our flesh “wants” to do.
· We say that we are waiting for God to change us.
· We are waiting for God to change someone else.

Rather than simply obey God, I believe we try to find answers that won’t be uncomfortable. We wait for an easier way, but we stay miserable inside. What is God telling you to do? Be honest with yourself right now. If God was standing in front of you right now, what do you believe He would instruct you to do in your situation? Don’t go another day, month, or year struggling—obey God’s instructions. Remember, partial obedience is still disobedience. Delayed obedience is still disobedience. Do what God is telling you to do knowing ahead of time that it’s always for your benefit. God is not trying to hurt you. He’s trying to help you. He sees what you don’t see. You will never regret obeying God. Never. Your life isn’t over because a relationship is. God wants you to let go of the past and get on a pursuit. He has big dreams for your life.


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50 thoughts on “4 Indicators Of Wrong Soul Ties

  1. Anne-Laure says:

    Great message! I have been going through your Youtube channel and read your books. Thank you so much for what youdo! May the Lord bless your ministry and keep you and your family! 🙂 And, I am from France! 😉

  2. Myrna says:

    Your so right, I lived in an abused relationship, I always said,” nothing made sense” until we separated,then people he grew up with told me about his past,, he made it look like I was the abuser and he set me up to make his lies look true He plays people against each other to keep them apart so we don’t figure it all out. and he shows no emotion from hurting others except a grin of satisfaction. The more he dished out the stronger my faith became and I know I am here because of God, as my life was threatened three different times by this man who is suppose to love. you. I feel every lady needs to know the difference between a PRINCE and a FROG. A Prince will validate you, a frog , its all about them, Through all this he has turned my Children against me, knowing that would hurt me the most, but in God is Victory, always stay close to HIm.

  3. S. Jones says:

    I thank God for your ministry. You spoke the sentiments of my heart. You touched on just about everything I was experiencing. I knew about tieing of the soul but only in the event of having sex so therefore I stayed clear of having sex. I didn’t know that I could experience soul ties through friendships.Thank you for the information.

  4. dawn says:

    This has been an ongoing struggle in my life for 25+ years with someone. Satan has tried to destroy me through this relationship. Two things that really got my attention were the misery I have felt in my spirit, especially when I am alone. Also my desperation to move beyond my current circumstances and how obedience is required in order for that to happen. Thank you for bringing these things to light and for confirming what I know I must do……blessings!

  5. JB says:

    This was the most helpful information that I found on the web! May God bless you in your works .

  6. KNG says:

    A great teaching in any season! The world needs to hear & understand this!!! This has helped me to heal! Thanks!!! May God continue to keep & bless you!!

  7. C.S says:

    Right at this moment I am struggling with soul-ties. I think I have been here before so many times; however this time seems very different to the others. I know the answer is to draw closer to my maker and master Yahweh.Thank you for sharing. It is always good to be reminded of this…
    Mauri Ora!

  8. zo says:

    close frienships severed, a grieving soul, these things have weighed me down for many years.
    i prayed like you said, the Lord will restore my soul.

  9. Sherry says:

    I need help my husband doesn’t understand that he has gotten himself in an unhealthy soul tie. They did not have sex but he was upset when I told him that I didn’t want them to talk anymore. They would spend so much time on the phone too frequently. I gave in I told him that because he felt that they were really just friends and that he felt that God had an assignment and that it would not be complete if he could no longer talk to her. I am still praying against this soul tie to this day.

  10. Princezz says:

    Absolutely amazing amazing message so touching and so true It’s like God has spoke to me, with your messages you may have just honestly saved my life ( emotionally) glory to God and for your amazing work lots of love Melbourne: Australia 🙂

  11. Cee says:

    This message has really helped me a lot.I am overcoming this already,would like to hear more on it.,thank you Pastor.

  12. Dianne Elliott says:

    I am experiencing a heart break . All the above is me. My Friend shared this website with me. This so were I im ,I will apply it to my life . I need this healing. Please continue to pray for me…

  13. Jeanny says:

    To speak my heart out life has been hell on earth for me,until I got what it needed on this web site.Soul Ties.I suffered a lot especially since the person I had it with was an occultic practitioner. 4 sure lack of knowledge destroyed me.He would do anything he wanted to do with me with no one to help.God bless you and your ministry.

  14. Laine says:

    I came across this subject while looking up something else yesterday, I had never heard of soul ties. I’m still blown away because this is exactly what I need. Exactly. I have been plagued by this for about 2 1/2 years. I didn’t know what to do so I would cry out to God to please help me and heal my memories, but I couldn’t completely let go. I was so depressed and even at one point suicidal. This is an amazing message and I am so grateful that God led me to it. Now I can actually look forward to the future and have hope. God bless you !!

  15. Shannon says:

    I love this! Love the way it’s broken down. So many people know nothing about soul ties and just how serious and painful they can be. I’m definitely sharing this! God bless you!

  16. Carmen says:

    Thank you, I did not know what I was experiencing, just could not figure out why I cannot get away from this person. Losing sleep, rehearsing times that we have spent together. This person is married and I know that it is wrong, I have repented and ask god to restore me. Looking forward to being released from this torment. It has already started to ruin my life.

  17. Karl says:

    Here it is 3-years later and I still think about a bad soul tie I have been trying to release from a woman, it’s slowly getting better …. God bless

  18. Stacy says:

    Hello, I have been dealing with so much and could not understand why I did so much for this person, why I allowed this person to control me and he was incarcerated at the time. We had a long history (prior to his incarceration) and we re-connected. Upon his release he mistreated me in the worst of ways, yet I still could not let go. My mind has been tormented, I’ve been BEYOND confused with why, what could I have done different or better, trying to MAKE him see all I’ve done/sacrified wondering HOW/WHY could he treat me so cold. I’ve just been miserable and I have just suffered a tremendous loss in my life and I am hurting. I am praying God to RESTORE my SOUL. God Bless

  19. Dee says:

    Great article, thank you so much for posting this! I’ve struggled with soul ties since 2009 when I lost my virginity to my first boyfriend (I was 24 believe it or not). He did everything wrong in a relationship u could imagine but I couldn’t break away from him. When I eventually did in 2011, I hopped immediately into a new relationship with a great guy, but because my soul was still tied to the old bf, I couldn’t appreciate the new one. He (the new boyfriend) fell in love with me and even though he was great, I couldn’t fall in love with him and didnt know why…

    God told me to do a fast since 2009 to break those chains and I’ve struggled to complete it ever since… It’s gonna be 4 years since I got that assignment from God and EVERY AREA in my life has been on hold since all because of my disobedience to Him…

    I am trying once again to do this fast and COMPLETE it. It’s hard, but I have to do it b/c I can’t be stuck in this place in my life anymore…Please pray for me…

  20. shantel says:

    wow TERRY i saw u on TBN on the topic of soul ties it stuck with me all the time thank u so so much so many things are making sense now may God bless u and ur fam

    shantel from south africa

  21. Tashalane says:

    I had dated a man off and on for 7 years. He broke up with me one year and I moved on…it was hard but I did it. That same year he came to my house almost in tears saying he knew I was the one for him and wanted to get married and asked me what I thought. The Holy Spirit speak to me at that moment and said “No”…I heard it clearly but I told him “Yes”. Long story short we lived together for 6 months and I broke of the engagement and I left. We were still intimate after I left and I felt so empty but I felt like I needed him, like I had to be around him although I knew it wasn’t right. This year I finally broke all ties with him, I’m not intimate with him, I don’t talk, text, instant message etc. Each day it gets better and coming to this site and reading this message confirmed that my decision was the right decision. I have been blocking my blesses for far too long by staying in that unhealthy place. I still think of him here and there but I know My GOD will see me through this…..HE didn’t bring me this far to leave me.

  22. Tina says:

    I am entangled in all of the above and would like to justify my husband being incarcerated and unfaithful for many years as ok for me to have a soul tie with a man I am having relations with, this convicted me so bad and I have stepped out of alignment with my assignment…hurt and confused with a stronghold that flesh don’t want to release.

  23. Diane says:

    I first heard of soul ties through my therapist as I navigate the emotional maze of co-dependency and detaching myself from my adult daughter. Almost all the signposts of an unhealthy soul tie applied to my situation. My adult daughter is in treatment for chemical dependency as well as bipolar disorder. I wish her well, but I’ve finally come to realize that I can only help her through severing soul ties and holding her up to God in prayer.

  24. Laura says:

    Terri I have been watching you and your Dad for long while now. Your teachings are so awesome. It’s like you look into people’s soul and see the hurts they’ve gone through. And still may be going through. God is using you in a way to bless like no other I’ve heard. I love your ministry. Two of my daughters are going through hard times right now. Both getting divorced from abusive men, but there are children involved too. It’s a big mess. The dads are trying to turn the children against their moms. Calling them names teaching them to disobey and be unruly when they. visit. Please help me pray for them to find peace in their souls and be happy and whole again. And for God to bring the right person into their life who will love,appreciate and respect them. Not be abusive verbally or otherwise. Blessings to you and your family

  25. princessolu says:

    Thanks so for sharing this information. Although I figured out that a bad soul tie has ocurred, reading this information has shed light on what has been revealed to me. What confirmation! I definitely must have missed God, he was a FROG not a Prince…Be blessed!

  26. OnceBittenTwiceShy says:

    I am struggling with this at this moment – I was in a relationship with my university love. Been together for 12 years, after which he finished his studies, and started working in another town. We got engaged after 5 years of dating, I saw him through his studies and all his difficulties. The excuse of why we could not get married immediately was always his studies, and the fact that he did not work yet. Meanwhile he was enjoying the security my job provided for us. We moved in together, in the hope we will be able to save money for a wedding sooner, but whenever he got money it evaporated towards luxury items he desired. When he started working the ball game changed, and he found himself another lady. She knew he was engaged. She was friends with his sister, so the entire family was in on the event, helping him lie, and basically making me feel like an outsider whenever we spent time together.
    I realize now that us living together in sin opened the door to so many other bad things to happen. His family gave me a friendly face, but never “attached” to me as one would do to someone who will become your family. In the end, on his graduation speech, his dad told me in front of everyone I should remember engaged is not married yet, and who knows what was going to happen in future. Nine months later (after he graduated) he met the other women, started cheating and eventually broke it off with me. He never told me the truth, I had to find out snooping around what he was up to.
    Our relationship went from madly in love, to then after the breakup being called co-dependency with a soul tie on my side. I loved him with all my heart, I still do, although my brain knows it can never be. He is now married to her (after 1 year of dating, where he was with me for 12 and did never commit), and now I am faced with new emotional issues. I could not stop praying that God will change his heart, and keep them apart and bring him back to me. God did not bring him back. Its ironic how during our relationship I prayed that God will bind us with a bond of love and keep us close to each other. This one tie that I had/have with him, broke so many other friendships, because I am ashamed of even showing my face to the friends we had together. I am so ashamed of going against my principles and not caring what other thought about my decision to live with him. Now people must think behind my back that I was a sugar mommy, and that what happened is only right, because how can you live in sin and not expect to bear the consequences?
    This is powerful stuff, and just one of the tactics used by satan to break people. I hope that my story can help if but only one other person from making the wrong decisions I have made.

  27. km says:

    I been having this problem 3 years what makes it hard we have a child he is married now he is expecting another child with her I have gotten better I still struggling with a little anger and I don’t want to feel like this I just want to be free

  28. Faneshia says:

    I agree with a lot of what you have spoken, however, I must say that when we disobey God it doesn’t mean that he will not give us any further instructions. I did something that I know was contrary to what God was telling me, simply out of my own selfish desires, however, thankful for his mercy and grace, he knew that I desired to please him and that this was a weak point in my walk. I was focused on me and not the ultimate Master’s plan. I went through a “spiritual suicide,” not by choice, but it seemed as if I was disconnected from the presence and voice of God. I went through 6 years of hard restoration (something I did not have to go through, only if I had obeyed). Mind you that there was something God had spoken to me 7 years ago. I felt as if the promise He had spoken to me was forgotten or passed on to someone else since I had committed an act of disobedience. There was possibly no way that he could resurrect me; however he showed me just this year that He has NOT forgotten his promise and He gave me further instruction and I AM SOOOO THANKFUL! I want to encourage EVERYONE….whatever it is that God is instructing you to do, PLEASE DO IT, DO NOT DISOBEY GOD! To him/her who hears His voice, harden not your hearts!! Save yourself time and pain and just do what He is requiring you to do fore He knows best. He sees the past, the present and the future, we only see a bit of the past and the current moment. God has our best interest at heart. Do not perish by following acts of disobedience. God Bless! I hope this helped someone as well.

  29. Casey says:

    This reading is amazing! Straight and to the point so every word is valuable! Pure unadulterated truth!

  30. Erin says:

    I have struggled with this for 5 years begging Jesus for healing. Thank you for giving this torment a name and helping me work through this. I have 2 kids with my ex we always would get back together but this time is different. I just want to be free from my past. I believe today is the first day of healing and breaking of this ungodly soultie. Thanks for sharing everyone may Jesus bless you all.

  31. Tonie says:

    wow!!! what an amazing message. I’m in a relationship with this person and I have all the four indicators of wrong soul ties. This message is right on time. I need to break free from this relationship. Thank you so much for sharing your message, it is very informative. God bless you and may he continue to reveal his message to you!!!

    Oh and I’m from Zimbabwe 😀

  32. Kathy says:

    This soul tie was called to my attention this morning during the service at church . I am separated from my husband , we had a bad marriage ,there was abuse on every level he was very hateful and is on drugs badly ,when we got together I was on the drugs as well but the Lord had delivered me . Although I continued to stay in the house when he was out doing what he did, and watching him drive in our drive way with other women, long story short he was trying to kill me, God delivered me from there and has been blessing me daily since I had obeyed , but for the past four months I just could not understand why I was thinking about things and when the Pastor called me out and said about soul ties. I decided I would look them up too see what they were and how to rid myself of them. Your article Was very insightful and has help a great deal.
    I just wanted to say THANK YOU !!!!

  33. TF says:

    This message was right on time. I was wondering, how could I KNOW I’m NOT in love with this person and that this person truly means me no good, but continue to go back???? It’s the sexual soul tie. I always prided myself on not being the “fool” or putting up with anyone’s mess and being able to cut them off with a snap of fingers, but I realized, that’s because I was never sexually SOUL TIED to them!! The moment when the sexual connection is AMAZING. But outside of that, you find yourself asking “why am I even with you??”, but allow the sex again. Soul ties… The flesh is very weak yet strong. And this post has put so many things into perspective for me. This post actually gave me the confirmation I needed to do what I already knew. Thank You.

  34. Fredric says:

    This is truly a revelation to me. I was in a relationship that was not born of the right circumstance ( IM SURE YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN BY THIS ). It lasted seven long years and only just recently has ended and I find myself struggling with why it ended and still holding on to memories, emotions and items given to me. I haven’t been able to find any peace in my life since because my flesh tells me to hold on and keep contact with this woman eventhough I know I shouldn’t. It’s a hard thing to do for sure. Reading this about soul ties gives me some clarity and direction ! There are times where my mind is absolutely consumed with this woman, I even find myself trying to keep track of her and what she is doing and even who she is seeing , like I said i didn’t want it end eventhough I knew it wld have to eventually ! I am literally driving myself crazy thinking about her. Seven years is a long time to have this soul tie with this woman who was never mine to keep. What makes it worse is I see her several times a week and when I do everything comes rushing back in on me all at once ! This article speaks of getting rid of gifts and such things, I have a lot of them I need to part with. Shoes , clothes , even a firearm that was given to me. But this helps……..I was not aware of how powerful a soul tie could be or even what it really was until now. Sorry for the long rant. Thank you for the good read. It is very insightful and helpful. I will use these as a guideline to free myself from this soul tie so that I can focus on the word of God , my family and myself !

  35. Sheila says:

    . The man I currently have this evil bond with is no good for me. I knew this from the very beginning. There were numerous warning signs, from dreams to words spoken that were fulfilled, but I allowed my flesh to have her way and now I’m paying the price for disobedience. It’s been over a year, and I am further away from the situation than I was 6 months ago, but I am still tormented by the thoughts of him, the moments we shared together, and conversations we’ve had. They have been so heavy on me that I have been physically sick with Headaches, nausea, and incessant ramblings in my head. They only peace I have is when I spend time in the presence of God. As soon as I step away I’m bombarded with thoughts and images of him. It’s almost like he has a power over of me and I can’t say no. I know it is deception, and that I need deliverance from this situation. Please keep me your prayers as I continue to pray and work through this with the almighty God. Thank you!

  36. cogei says:

    Wow this is a great message, I heard it one time in our local Tv but i brushed it off. My story is long but i have to share it to encourage someone.

    I have been soul tied to someone for 13 years. I met him and I had a bad crush on him which eventually turned into a relationship, he had another girlfriend and me, I told him no sex till marriage and the other girl gave him what he wanted and they later moved in with her and he dint tell me. When I finished campus I moved to the town where he works and we connected again. I tried to refrain having sex with him but eventually I did. We had ups and downs, emotionally abused but I would break up and then go back and apologized, I could even apologize when I know very well it was not my mistake. We had a bad breakup and I moved to another town and got a job. Once he knew he followed me and we made up, but had no peace I used to think about the past with him felt miserable. I felt pain and asked God why he had to take him away from me i had sleepless nights and i could cry every night, I remember one time I felt life was hopeless and almost jump to the sea from a moving ferry because of a man who doesn’t care. I dint give a chance to anyone to date me since I could compare with him and put the guy off. Few weeks ago I snooped on his Facebook page and found out that his family is growing and I really felt bad thinking it would have been me him and our kids I felt miserable and I had to find an answer for this feeling. The soul ties came in my mind and I have found out that I have been soul tied. I have prayed and felt better. Continue praying for me

  37. Vicky Everett says:

    Very powerful anointed words!! I thank GOD for you sharing this this will a lot of people overcome unhealthy soul ties. As well as teach people to prevent unhealthy soul ties from forming. GOD wants the best for his people and he want us to live in peace in all aspects of our lives. Reading this will definitely help. Continue to allow GOD to use you!!! GOD Bless

  38. lovely2012 says:

    Wow… Amazing information..
    I just heard about soul ties Today for the first time in my life.. Is so powerful overwelmimg and it feel good to know that there is a way out of all the mess i have know in my hart God will guide me step by sstep and i will be victorious!

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