2 thoughts on “5 Years From Now, pt.4

  1. Isabel says:

    Dear Terri, you are my BIG Christmas Gift from the Lord! It will be a fest during all 2012 to discover all what you have to teach me! I never heard this before and this is a divine appointment for sure! and the answer to my prayers! Today The Lord drop me this word : Ps 32.8 to encourage me to be diligent listening to you! GLORY! I thank you for being the person who the Lord chose to show me the way to these BIG dreams He has in store in my heart!!! Merci beaucoup du fond de mon coeur, Isabel

  2. Gloria says:

    Hi Terri

    I just wanted to say thank you for this message. I plan to do what you have said as I have seen it work in my life before.
    I just need to be consistent and disciplined.

    You are such a blessing. I hope you come to Elshaddai London again to visit us.

    God Bless x

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