5 Years From Now, pt.5

Most of us get so busy doing things we have to do that we never get around to doing what we really want to do. Or we never take the time to think about what God wants us to do. In 5 Years From Now, Terri shares practical advice to help you turn “what if” into “what is” in your life.

12 thoughts on “5 Years From Now, pt.5

  1. lezlee says:

    Terri, I loooove your podcasts!!!! you remind me som much of myself. I am being greatly encouraged by each one of yur podcasts. I believe I was led to your website by the Lord. I knew of you because I’ve seen you on tv with your dad, but I didn’t know you had your own website and ministry. I am so happy to have ben led to you.

  2. Keriann says:

    I saw you on tv with your dad back in 2009 you truly inspired me I didn’t know you have your own ministry one day I was just on youtube listening to music after that I found your channel and I listened to one of your podcast i really enjoyed it listening to your podcast and they have become part routine keep it up!

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