5 Things Successful People Do before 8 A.M. part 1

48 thoughts on “5 Things Successful People Do before 8 A.M. part 1

  1. Beth says:

    I love listening to your videos…they are so practical and motivating. Looking forward to reading your book and seeing you tonight in Ft Worth. Thanks for serving and allowing God to use you.

  2. Sherry Foster says:

    Don’t Be Average & Your Life Wont Be Average!! Awesome information. I enjoyed your video
    Thank You

  3. Jennifer Elliott says:

    Hi Terri! I recently changed my daily routine after hearing your podcast and reading another book called “What Successful People Do Before Breakfast”. It is working wonderfully. I would like to ask however about the reading habit. I love to read and do not struggle with making time to read. My struggle, however, is in all the books I want to read- but the actual studying (not just reading) them makes the process of competion very slow. Any tips?

  4. Tehilla says:

    Thanks Terri for the encouragement to get up and go again. In less than three months after practicing these principles people started commenting on how fit I looked and how smart I spoke. Routine makes a huge difference. I don’t know how or why…….but I stopped. How do you get back on track again?

  5. Roya touran says:

    Thank you Terri I am fraying to change my life I haven’t got your book but I am listening to your podcast every day thank you for effort we appreciate it .

  6. terri says:

    Thank you for sharing these gems to being successful. You have a wonderful gift of encouragement. Blessings to you

  7. Laura Menefee says:

    Please ADD English subtitles on all of your videos on your website, social media and on YouTube as well, for the deaf. I am unable to understand this video because there are no CC (closed-captioning (English subtitles)) for the deaf. And I am deaf.
    Was looking forward to watching this… bummer…
    Please let me know when this has been fixed. Thank you so much!!!

  8. Blanca Lydia Escobar says:

    Hello! Terri. Thank You! For these priceless, teachings. That some of us need desparetely. I like reading, and I Love reading God’s Word. I also know that in order to fulfill my Destiny that God has for my life I Need to Apply myself to higher disciplines for my life. I use to read books but have stopped. I want to commit to reading the 20minutes everyday. I Appreciate You giving Your time and coaching us. Thank You! Pray for me. Blanca Lydia Escobar

  9. Olatomi Afilaka says:

    Terri I read a lot of books but they mainly consist of novels. They issue I seem to have with motivational books is that I get stuck at certain points in the books not moving forward . My home is literally littered with unfinished half read books that i was so desperate to reason the beginning .I need help

  10. Lela says:

    The main thing about Terri is that she lives what she preaches! You can tell that she has the experience behind what she encourages us to do. God’s continued blessings to you, Terri!

  11. ASAKO KANEDA says:

    Hi Terri
    Thank you so much for your podcast everyweek. You encouraged me a lot.
    Before I work, Ialways listen your podcast.
    Now,Idon’t watch TV. I’d rather listen your podcast. Before I go to bed,I start reading YOUR BOOK! Asako Love from Tokyo Japan

  12. Tonya Caldwell says:

    I am sitting her crying, and thought that I have tried everything. I have tried 18 years to read this 1 book and still not have. Here I go.

  13. Anne velma says:

    Thank you Terri I started looking at your pod cast about 6months ago, trust me I can see change in my life, my vision board is in front of me, I am using your book Dream it, pin it, live it I am growing through it, thanks!

  14. Ramona says:

    Thank you very much- fabulous presentation, and I look forward to the next videos and am sharing your blessings!! Much gratitude and love

  15. Mina says:

    Terri I love you! you are my best friend! il Live in congo! pointe-Noire! i listen to you every DAY every where specialy in my car as you teach us!
    thank you thank you somuch and God bless you your family and your little dog!
    love from mina

  16. Deborah Johnson says:

    Hi Terri ?thank you for all of your Godly wisdom that you share with us ?do you have any wisdom on how to lose weight and keep it off? Obesity runs in my family along with a lot of major illnesses and health issues so I want to be proactive and get the extra weight off while I am still healthy.

  17. Carolyn says:

    Thank you so much for your videos Terri! Your videos are really helping me make changes to my everyday life! Carolyn

  18. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Terri so much for your inspiration. I know it was not an accident that I ran across your podcasts. I was at a point in my life where I asked God for a change and He lead me to your ministry. Thank you for being obedient to your calling.

  19. Sherrie Hare says:

    Thanks Terri so much for your inspiration. I know it was not an accident that I ran across your podcasts. I was at a point in my life where I asked God for a change and He lead me to your ministry. Thank you for being obedient to your calling.

  20. Lucy Ndou, South Africa says:

    Wow Terri since I started reading about you and watched your videos in May I don’t watch TV, I completed my first semester in BPhil Honors Marketing successfully, I lost love for reading books though how can I select my reading? How can I get an audio book of your latest book

  21. Maggie says:

    Bless You Terri… The reality of calculating time has awoken my spirit with a real shudder! Its like been lost all my life.. and can relate to that verse in HOSEA 4:6 .. and now decades on with adversary who had stolen 2/3 of my life I am determined to do this Terri .

    Thank You

    Love & Blessings x

  22. Maria Stormer says:

    Hi Terri!!!! Love you as my cheerleader of dreams!!! Quick question – is reading on a tablet OK? Trying to go paperless, but if reading on actual paper is what you recommend I will go with that.

  23. Tressa Lemky?? says:

    You are precious TerrI and I always LOVE listening to your videos!!!!! I have been following you for a couple of years now. You are such a gift!!! ❤️
    I thought I would add this little comment too…..I am one of the contributing authors in “our” Devotional “The Invitation “, but I must tell you that it is an honour to have my name in the same book as yours!! ❤️☺️ Whenever I promote the Devotional I always talk about you being one of the incredible women that are in the book.
    I enjoyed today’s video so much and look forward to watching the next one and then of course buy your book.
    I hope the icing conference went well. Some day I hope to attend. I’m heading to Dallas next week so I’m just a little late for this year‘s conference ?☺️
    Blessings to you Terri you’re wonderful !!???

  24. Helen Pettit says:

    Thank you so much Terri!! Awesome video – you are helping me and countless others, for sure!!!! Blessings !

  25. Tia says:

    Changing your routine is powerful revelation! Now doing it is the key.

    James 1:22 Be doers of the word and not heard only! Otherwise I’m receiving myself! ( paraphrased).

    I need to put the information I have into practice.

    Someone said “Insanity is doing the same thing but expecting a different result.” Change, change, change. Grow, grow, grow.

    I’m looking at this in a positive light.

    Thank You Terri!

  26. Alkico says:

    The Icing conference was awesome! Thank you for sharing and caring so much!!! You are an amazing woman and thank you for your obedience and all that you do!!!

  27. Gary COPELAND says:

    This is life changing. I have begun Doing the #5things daily and I do see the changes. This 21 day challenge I forecast for my family and I will continue beyond.

  28. udeme achiuwa says:

    I’m starting my challenge. I’m looking forward to the change. God bless you Terri for your dedication. Ordering my copy today

  29. Anonymous says:

    Thank you! I am trying to do this but I work the night shift so I have to readjusted the time. I challenge other night shift to do the same! thank you again.

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