7 Reasons to Smile Today

It’s New Years Eve! (Arguably the best time of year… filled with goal-setting and fresh starts.)
Before we start the new year, I want to talk to you about something so vital…so important… so…
Well, I want to talk to you about your smile (ha!) It really does matter!
Yes, your smile can say more than you even imagined.
Back when I was in college at Texas Tech University, I studied French and received a minor in Communications. We studied every kind of body language from:
  • the fast wink (?) and the slow wink
  • a tilted head
  • hand gestures
  • … and of course, SMILES
Did you know that you have 19 different types of smiles?
After conducting a study in Sweden, scientist concluded that smiling really is contagious.
The definition for smile is an outward display of an inward decision to be positive!
Don’t you love that!
I want to talk to you about your smile and the 7 reasons why you should start smiling more in this video podcast
I am cheering you on,
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