10 thoughts on “Advanced Decision Making and Self-Discipline Tips

  1. Suzy says:

    Thankyou Terri for your teaching, it’s so easy to understand…to all the team thanks you guys are awesome…xxx

  2. Elizabeth Howell says:

    I love you talks because of the encouragement you give others. You tell them how they can do better in their lives and also I love your props. I went to summit 2014 and just loved your talk how you told about your personal life how things came against you but you are an overcomer like we can be had some other battles I want to be a overcomer. I’m very tired from the battles that I’ve had and it’s making be lazy because I’m so tired from everything that I’ve been through… a very bad marriage, several years of divorce, health problems for my son and I both, single mom making minimum wage but things are changing for me. I started Amway LTD team and that is the most awesome step I’ve ever made in my life. They have meant the world to me and encouraged me. I do not have a team yet and I’m not making a lot of money yet, but that’s not stopping me. I’ve got index cards of goals that I’m going to meet. I heard your discipline talk and I’m very encouraged. Thank you so much, you are God sent in my life. I’ve not had a lot of positive things in my life, but that’s changing and I want it for my son he’s a 11. God has put him in my life in a later time in my life, I’m 50, but he’s been the best blessing for me and my family. I have older son at 29 with a wife in Nashville and a 27 year old daughter with a husband and a little girl and they are just a blessing to me. All of them are encouraging to me. Also they pray for me that I’ll make right decisions for Bryan. I’ve made the decision to get closer to the Lord.

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