Are you insecure?

Are you insecure in any area of your life? Your body? Your appearance? Your finances? Your voice? Your weight?

The “experts” say that insecurities are in epidemic proportions in the world today. And I completely understand! I still have insecurities that I fight to overcome, but I have come a long way. It used to be very hard for me to find anything that I liked about myself…and I could not receive a compliment from anyone. It embarrassed me when people would say I looked pretty, and Satan even convinced me that they were just trying to be nice, but didn’t really think that. I hated my voice, my legs, my freckles, my boney wrists and arms, my gigantic smile showing my molars! ha. And on and on and on. I have discovered that insecurity is rooted in fear…it is a symptom of fear. So, I began to focus intently on consuming my mind and heart with God’s love. Why? Because God’s love casts out fear! It drives it out of our lives. And now I’m using my “voice” to help people! Is that ironic?

Although I’ve come a LOOOOONG way, I noticed last week when I was involved in a conference call with a company we were considering doing business with, I never said a word. Why? Because of my voice! I let the “men” who have deep, authoritative voices do all the talking! That insecurity was coming up again! I just knew that if I said anything they would probably start laughing on the other end and think that I was 9 years old! Obviously, receiving God’s love and driving fear out of our lives is an ongoing process.

Share with me any insecurities that you’ve dealt with and how you’re overcoming them. I’d love to hear them.

4 thoughts on “Are you insecure?

  1. Faira says:

    Hi Terri,

    I see myself in you. As a woman I too struggle with insecurities. After my divorce last year. I am focusing on recognizing my weaknesses and dealing with them. I discovered that I didn’t like myself. I hated my legs, my body, my breasts, my face and so on, just like you. When people told me I was beautiful, it felt good for a moment, because I didn’t really feel beautiful. Well, I decided to look at myself everyday in the mirror and take time to mention every part of my body and say out loud how beautiful it is. For example, Faira, you have beautiful legs, they are well formed. You have a beautiful face, you have beautiful eyes and like my eyes and so on. And I look myself in the eye and tell myself that I accept myself, I accept myself as I am, who I am and that I am a beautiful woman. The first time I did that I even started to cry. Recently I started to write down what God thinks about me. I proclaim what I experience God telling me. I say with my mouth that He created me beautiful, attractive and that He finds me beautiful. I recently discovered in Songs of Solomon 2: 10-14 where the Beloved (God) spoke and said that He wanted to see my face and hear my voice. He said, for your voice is sweet and your face is lovely. I wrote it down in my journal 😀 and read it out loud. I felt that God was calling me to come in a secret place to talk (pray) to Him, because He desired to see me and hear my voice. I also wrote down my body parts and compared them with something that describes their beauty. For example, the color of my skin is beautiful like vanilla, my hair is beautiful and has the color of chocolate, my face is shiny like a pearl, my smile is like the sun shine, my legs are tall, thin and beautiful, like a tige holding the flower. So, this is how I’m taking out all insecurities out of my life. It blesses my allot to know that there are more woman like me out there. You minister to me and I thank you for letting God use you. Keep up the good work. Stay blessed. Faira

  2. Terri says:

    Your email is so encouraging! Wow! I hope others read what you wrote. You are definitely doing the right things to overcome insecurities and using the most powerful weapon you have: your mouth! You believe your own voice more than anyone’s. And they say that you eventually believe what you repeatedly hear! Thanks so much for sharing with me! You are awesome (and beautiful!). — Terri

  3. Sandra says:

    Dear Terri,
    I believe men and women both need to free-up from low self-esteem.
    I come from a background of insults and lots of verbal abuse as a little girl
    I didn’t have confidence in me because of wrong spoken words over me.
    But guess what? I am so glad for Jesus and His anointing, He changed me
    and everyday I give Him Thanks for His Real Sharp Words of affirmation
    I am accepted, and more than a conqueror, I have joy and peace
    knowing who I really am and it’s forever! Amen:)
    I believe we need more of you, speaking to the broken hearted ones.

  4. Gayle says:

    Hi Faira,
    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have physical insecurities concerning about myself too. I am venturing on writing my first novel, but have the insecurity of going out and doing all that promoting stuff that I hear that authors need to do. Also I was very insecure in my younger years more than now but still need to overcome them. Now that I’m old everything seems to be going south haha! Well, not everything just certain body parts.

    Thank you Faira and Terri

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