Are Your Obstacles A Sign You Should Quit?

We’ve all wondered when facing difficulties and challenges if it means we should quit, our timing is off, or perhaps we’re not capable of achieving our dreams and goals. Today, let Terri help you find the courage and determination you need to fight for your dreams.

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3 thoughts on “Are Your Obstacles A Sign You Should Quit?

  1. Inna says:

    It is always such an inspiration to listen to you, Terri! Thank you very much for your wisdom. Obstacles are the markers that you are on the right way.

  2. Roz says:

    Hi Terri,
    I have been on board with you since February 2, 2015! My first goal was to be up before sun up and spend time with the Lord. I do not have a job and I had gotten in the habit of waking up late. But every since February 2nd I have only one missed one sunrise! (Daylight Savings Time got my internal clock messed up that day)

    But EVERY morning the battle between my flesh, and Satan takes place trying to get me to stay in bed and sleep. Yesterday morning while laying there listening to the voices, One Voice came and said one word. That word was “unrelenting”, my spirit stood at attention and simultaneously my feet hit the floor!
    I went straight to Webster’s site and looked up unrelenting.
    It read; not slowing down, stopping, or growing weaker
    —used to describe someone who does something in a constant and determined way without stopping or becoming less forceful

    Terri that was not a description of me before February 2nd when I began this journey. It really sounds more like the perfect description of Satan.
    However, I thought, what if I became unrelenting in obedience, faithfulness, loving, forgiving, giving and fighting for my dream?

    I will keep you filled in on the results. But for now the Devil better hide because I am the one who will be UNRELENTING IN FOLLOWING THE PLAN OF GOD FOR MY LIFE!
    No more FEAR!

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