3 thoughts on “Being Free To Dream

  1. Vicki McNeely says:

    I’ve listened to your dad, Jerry, off and on (when I could find him) for many years. Last year I heard you on his show & must tell you how you have encouraged me greatly. My life seems to be stuck in the same old rut of habits year after year. (overweight, failed diets, disorganized in my home/housework) which makes me feel like a failure. I’ve lost 5 close family members & a best friend in the last 5 yrs.. only 1 brother left. God has been good in spite of it all. I found a good church with ‘this family’ of best friends but I can’t seem to shake this ‘same place’ that I’m constantly in. I’m homeschooling my teen in his last yr of school too, which has really suffered because of all the chaos & losses. Help!

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