10 thoughts on “Blessed to Be a Blessing, pt.2

  1. Ian Beckett says:

    Thank you. Terri for continuing your theme this month . You are such an encouragement. I have been quite down as I have been dwelling on things in my wife’s past and present relationship difficulties but you reminded me of how we are so blessed and can still praise God for His goodness and can call upon him and be honest with him . It is an ongoing battle in my mind but it is good to know that you understand these things from experience and can relate to them and at the same time show me and others that there is a way out to be restored to joy and peace so we can live in the present and be a blessing to oters. I thank god that you bless me each time I “tune in”.I am now determined to call out to God and also thank Him for every blessing. Be blessed , Ian (Eng.)

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