Breaking Soul-Ties

Your soul is made up of you mind, your will and your emotions. It is what you think, what you want and what you feel. A soul tie is an emotional connection or bond with another that unites you. Severing negative soul ties is not an easy task. But in this personal and heart-felt message, Terri reveals how soul ties are formed and step-by-step how to be free once and for all.

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One thought on “Breaking Soul-Ties

  1. Delwyne says:

    Last night God showed me I have an unhealthy soultie with a guy at church that I haven’t been in a relationship with, but we did casually date/chat to get to know each other better. We’ve been taking a break in our friendship (not going out of our way to chat/not talking at all) to seek God, but sometimes I’m almost tormented by the question of whether we are right for each other or not, and I feel this “gripping/sinking” feeling in my heart when I see him, even though I’m not in love with him or anything. I searched on podcast for breaking soul ties and found your videos. Its so tru – its so hard because it hurts and its not instant – but I’m trusting God for freedom and clarity and to hear his voice clearer on this situation. Just wanted to say thankyou to you, and your media team for putting this online. I’m getting free, and I’m sure these messages bless and impact so many. Thanks again.

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