Breaking The Cycle, pt.1

Have you noticed an area in your life that stays the same year after year? I noticed in my life that I had stopped progressing and was dealing with the same issues for years. One day I read a powerful statement: “God will not advance your instructions beyond your last act of obedience.” I realized I needed to fully obey what God had been telling me to do. I want to give you some steps you can take to beak destructive cycles and begin seeing growth and improvement in your life!

Breaking The Cycle

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4 thoughts on “Breaking The Cycle, pt.1

  1. lisa says:

    you are an amazing woman of God , i can’t thank you enough for all the help God has given me through you .
    Be blessed lisa in the uk

  2. denise says:

    Hi Terri
    I was led to read your article on self image in the “adventures of faith ”
    I know this is my stumbling block in life and you addressed everything in your article .So now Im going to take a stand and confess over and over until it takes hold that my Father does love me .
    Im 51yrs old and im annoyed with myself that I have allowed these feelings of unworthiness to have a hold on me for so long .
    My greatest desire has been to know the Lord more intimately,yet I would take steps forward then get knocked back again.
    I know in order to be the women that God planned for me to be I have to accept His love without any doubt .How can I then not love me if I truly know my Dad loves me.
    I have been leaking from the inside for way to long ,thank you for showing me the way out. I too have a young voice and you have shown me it really doesn’t matter. Thank you again .Denise

  3. aislynn says:

    hi im aislynn the frist time i saw this it took a while to understand wat u whnere sayin but it mans so much if u just listen to wat u say

  4. Imani says:

    Terri, Thank you for being so sweet. You always make me smile or chuckle and encourage me with such practical steps! I’ve followed your dad for a while now and am just now giving you a chance. I am so sorry I waited so long. You have encouraged me to FIGHT and OBEY! God bless you in all that you do!

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