2 thoughts on “Breaking The Cycle, pt.4

  1. janice says:

    Terri I just listened to you;re message on breaking the cycle. . You talked about the righteous cry out and the Lord delivers them. Wow that really just hit home for me. I live by faith I confess the word but I thought if I confessed that I couldn;t do something then I was not believing the word of God. But I saw it so clearly. It was a revelation to me. Thank you so much for bringing clarity to the word. Also about spritual warfare. Being next in line for a promotion. You said the enemy attacks those who are next in line for a promotion. I literally had the spirit of death come against me but the bad part was I spoke it with my own mouth. But thank God I repented and i believe that the power of those words are broken over me in the name of Jesus. God bless you Janice.

  2. sheks says:

    thanks so much Terri.I really love your voice.I think God gave you that voice for a purpose.it really sound like God’s voice.thanks so much for the message.I have been resitting exams for the past three years and i know God is Going to put a stop to it.I had to resit four papers that i failed last year and am expecting the result next monday and i know God is going to break the cycle.

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