4 thoughts on “Breaking The Cycle, pt.5

  1. Jessica says:

    Thank you, Terry for sharing the word of God. You have been such a blessing. You are a great encouragement and a joy to listen to.

  2. Cid Hansen says:

    Dear Terri,

    I’ve been praying for years and didn’t have any idea how important it is to actually have a relationship with God while I’m doing it. To separate what my flesh wants compared to what my spirit wants. I’ve just started talking to Him and see Him as my best friend now, not just my God and my Savior, Jesus Christ. I am also recognizing the importance of taking time and patience to let Him actually answer back. The importance of complete obedience hasn’t made as much sense until I heard your podcasts. I’ve always known I should be obedient but as you talk about Satan having my control when I’m not, and that He is the one I get to fight, not my problems or the people He works through to get me down. Thank you for your love for yourself and teaching us how to live in God’s highest good, light, love and joy.

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