2 thoughts on “Broken, Mended and Made Whole, pt.1

  1. Kenny says:

    Hi Terri!

    This is another excellent teaching.

    I just wanted you to know that I’m feeling a lot better about all the questions I had a couple of months ago about creation vs. evolution and how the conflicting belief systems were threatening my faith.

    Lucky for me, the first friends I asked about it at my church were able to give me all the information and advice I could have wanted to know and I was guided in the right direction with it! I’ve been studying about it ever since and honestly it’s something I may spend the rest of my life studying, but at least I figured it out!

    Thanks for all you do, God bless you!
    Woodstock Illinois

  2. Jeff says:

    Hello Terri,

    I just discovered Your site and finding it very enlightning. I particularly enjoyed this one regarding “baind-aids” Its showed Me how Ive been hiding My pains as well as seeing the same conflict in others.

    I work in maintenance, and a popular term is a band-aid, meaning hide it, or basically to not repair it correctly. Hence one of My work ethics, “No band-aids”

    Band-aids are also used temporarily to keep something from becoming more infected. When the band-aid is removed, the healing begins!

    Im looking forward to exploring Your ministries further…………..

    Peace Be with You.

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