You can live a clutter free life.

Sometimes it is more than our surroundings that become cluttered. Life can become cluttered when projects and tasks are left unfinished and when we procrastinate in the things we should do. The symptoms of a cluttered life are a lack of energy, little productivity, frustration, consistently feeling overwhelmed, being reactive rather than proactive, and time […]

Clutter blocks success

The Bible tells us that God wants us to prosper and have success (Joshua 1:8). However, I’ve discovered that when we are surrounded by clutter, success is hindered. Even if you enjoy a certain level of success today, I guarantee that if you removed clutter from your life, you would see an even greater level […]

Happy New Year!

I want 2012 to be your best year yet! I ask people all over the world if they want their life to be different next year at this time and without fail almost every hand is raised in acknowledgment. One of the areas I want you to see improvement in this year is in getting […]