De-Clutter Your Home In 20 Minutes

Your house is not that dirty, or is it? Is the clutter in your home stealing your peace? This week Terri asks simple questions that will help you find your answers, and then gives steps that will help you get control of your house, and your life.

9 thoughts on “De-Clutter Your Home In 20 Minutes

  1. Ali says:

    Thank you for this encouraging podcast! I’ve been feeling overwhelmed with our small apartment with 3 little ones and two adults, and it feels hard to keep it clean. But I know that it really does change the atmosphere of your home when you keep a clean house!
    So, I took 20 minutes and vacuumed the apartment and cleaned the bathroom! !!!
    Thanks Terri!

  2. Jerri Willis says:

    I heard you teach about God telling your Mom about finishing her laundry a few weeks ago. It really spoke to me since I had a pile of laundry needing to be folded. I have since made it a priority to keep my laundry up. I can’t say I haven’t slacked but got back on track quickly. It does help to finish things. After listening to your video today I have set out to organize my office. Paper clutter is something I battle. It’s already looking better after just a few minutes of putting things away or tossing it. Thanks so much for your words of encouragement. I look forward to your videos and play them over and over. Blessings to you and all you touch!!

  3. Rosa says:

    Teri, I love your teachings. You’re one of the few teachers out there who is really teaching, on a practical level, how to live everyday life and fulfill dreams. I listen to one of your podcasts everyday, and so look forward to a new one each week. They are making a huge difference in my life and I’m sure in the lives of many others. LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!

  4. Liz says:

    I pretty much like to live a clutter free life. Not all gets done every day. I walked into the family room the end table to the left of me had some mail, sticky notes, candy paper wrappings on it. I decided to clean it up before I went to bed. Next morning I walked in the family room sat on the sofa to read the Daily Calm 365 Days Of Serenity, looked to my left at the end table and felt peace. The little things in life 🙂

  5. Londa says:

    Thank you for this encouraging and life
    changing podcast! I’ve been feeling overwhelmed with things that I have been putting off lately and now I know that I must get my home and my life back in order. As I laid in my bed early this morning, I was moved to just start small and then I was lead to this podcast…WOW!!! Confirmation!!! Thank YOU Terri. May not be “Deep” to some, but I always speak the word of God over my life…I am a woman of integrity. So God is bringing His word alive in my life. You are what YOU say. 20 minutes. Thank You Lord.

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