Developed By Mistake

A beautiful gem comes from hard work and refining. You are valuable and precious, but mistakes are inevitable. Consider mistakes and failures as opportunities to grow! They do not take you one step further from success, they bring you one step closer. God wants to take everything you’ve been through and use it to make you stronger.

5 thoughts on “Developed By Mistake

  1. Anna says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT! I love this message! Thank you Terri for all your inspiration. It is just what I needed today!

  2. Patricia Laws says:

    Recently I listened to your message on breaking soul ties. Many years ago I went through a divorce that was very painful and humiliating. It has taken a long time for God to work out salvation in me from the scars that occured. I also had to face my part in the problems. I have been believing God for a husband and have started the dating process. The other day I was resting and praying outside when I saw the man I have been dating walk by my house with another woman. It brought back the painful experiences I thought had been healed. I decided that this time instead of bitterness and reliving the fear and torment of not being enough I am going to overcome these emotions with the Love of God. It is taking one moment and day at a time to take every thought captive and replace with God’s thoughts and words about me and the other people.
    I am thankful for your encouraging words and persevering spirit to continue getting God’s word out to help us when we need anchors for our souls to cleave to.
    It is good to see God’s light shining bright!
    I know God has a good plan and provision for a husband for me. I will press through and receive His Goodness!

  3. Kim says:

    Terri ~ You truly are such an inspiration to me. You make me feel like you are here on earth to support me and we don’t even know each other! LOL, I love listening to you! Thank you!

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