6 thoughts on “Dig In Your Heels, pt.1

  1. patti j says:

    Dear Terri,
    Please please never ever get tired sharing your story of hope and a life of faith, somedays I think I’m on track and doing okay and then there are those other days, that I swear I’ll never get it, and then you always say something to get me back on track, God is using you mightily in my life and in others. Never ever give up on the message God placed in your heart to us!!! I love you!! God bless, Take care!

  2. Gayle says:

    I read Dig In Your Heels on my email and couldn’t have received it at a better time :). I got depressed but not for very long, only for about 5 minutes. I have been believing God for so much, my web business, job opening in my expertise was made available where I live but the guy never called, etc. However, it wasn’t even 24 hours later when I decided to not give up but fight or “dig in my heels”. You have no idea Terri then again, maybe you do, how much that email means to me.

  3. Kathleen says:

    A good thing to watch. I was actually watching it because I was putting off moving into writing a novel that I’ve sold and is due July 1. for some reason, I keep putting it off.

    dig in your heels is a good phrase to keep uppermost in my mind. And the concept that I have to do SOMETHING to be different than all the other people who say they want to write. It involves actions.

  4. Ian Beckett says:

    Thanks again , Terri , just what I needed to keep pressing on and be realistic in my efforts to achieve new goals this year . Thank you for being so encouraging, Ian (Eng)

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