Discipline To Reach Your Goals, pt.3

I always thought it was one significant moment that would cause your dreams to come to pass. I never really realized that every single day I’m doing things that will lead me into the future (or away from it) that God pre-planned for me. And it’s the same with you. So what happens after you reach a few goals? Turn those disciplines into habits. Let me know show you how I do it.

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5 thoughts on “Discipline To Reach Your Goals, pt.3

  1. cathy hethcote says:

    Terri, I have watched your father for many years and love him. I have started watching you this year and you are truely annointed. You were truely meant to minister. You are an inspiration to us all. You are helping me change my life in a way I have never done before! God Bless You and your whole family

  2. Joy S says:

    Such practical teaching that has a powerful impact. I love your Podcasts. I go back and forth over the ones that I have missed and some where I just need to hear it again. You are truly gifted by God in this area to bring the truth of Faith and Works together to bring forth life in every area. I am so grateful to have discovered your ministry, I have order the “Can You Imagine” series and now I am eyeing 2 more. Blessings to you Terri and thank you for being You. Beautiful and Full of Wisdom, exactly what Christianity is.

  3. Elisha Freeman says:

    Blessing to you Terri,
    I thank God everyday for you. What an impact your messages have made on my life! I know I’m just starting off to putting my life back together, but I actually have hope. May God continue to bless & keep you and your love ones so nothing will hinder you from doing what God has ordained for you to do.

    Love in Christ,

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