Fear Is a Thief

The greatest weapon to stop you from achieving your goals is fear. Satan is constantly on the prowl using fear to stop you from living your life in God’s will. This week Terri speaks about stepping out in faith and facing your fears. Once you conqueror your fears, your life will never be the same again.

One thought on “Fear Is a Thief

  1. Edie Allen says:

    Terri – Thank you so much for your podcasts. I sat down today to check your website, and found a whole bunch of them that I missed. This one on Fear is a Thief really helped me to realize that even though I have experienced tremendous spiritual growth in the past couple of years, I was still experiencing fear. I am preparing for a big change in my life, and when you spoke of how the doubts come in and that those feelings were actually fear, you really helped me to better recognize the ploys of satan. Thank you so much – I am eternally grateful. Edie Anne Allen

    Be blessed!

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