15 thoughts on “France Ministry Update

  1. Anaïs says:

    Hi Terri
    We had a great time with you when you were in Paris, you gave us so much insight!!
    Thank you for having crossing the globe and giving us of your time to minister to us.

    Here is a video made from that Sisterhood night we had with you and your team, I hope you’ll enjoy it.

    In the hope of seeing you soon,
    hugs & kisses


  2. Carine says:

    You came to our church in Paris, it’s wonderfu to see all the work you have done in the streets of Paris ( it’s not easy!!)l All you said it’s true, there ‘s no christian TV and so many things that you have in America but we believe in God that France will be reached for Jesus with your help. Thank you for your obedience of the holy spirit!! Love

  3. Lexi Belle says:

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