45 thoughts on “How to Overcome Small Thinking

  1. Val Everman says:

    My senior quote..if you can dream it you can achieve it….I have the daughter of my dreams and I have made it so far half way a doctorate degree

  2. Sharice says:

    Hi Terri,
    I enjoyed your message about Andrew Womack and the Lord chastising him about his small thinking. It make me think of Israel Houghton’s song “Take the Limits Off”. We out of our own limited experiences put limits on God. Once we are able to be open the door to positive, kingdom-thinking, He will enlarge our territory. I declare and decree that He will take my nonprofit to the level of abundance and overflow. The word of Proverbs 1:3 will operate fully in my ministry to help the youth that are disenfranchised or aging out of group/foster care. I ask that you and your team touch an agree with me to be able to partner with community leaders within the Raleigh-Durham area to educate, empower, and edify this specific group of youth. Thank you for your messages.
    May your week be guided by the Holy Spirit.

  3. Thais Marques says:

    May I receive the coaching letter? Thank you so much for sharing with us this inspiring ideas.

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