It’s Time to Fight Back, pt.4

Growing up I always wanted to get along with everybody. Even when people wanted to fight with me, I refused to get involved. I have realized that when it comes to the devil, you have to fight back. You have to get so mad at what he has done to you, and you have to fight! Let me show you some powerful keys to do just that!

It's Time To Fight Back!

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5 thoughts on “It’s Time to Fight Back, pt.4

  1. Russell Terry Powell says:

    I thank the Lord every day for keeping me safe at work. I thank Him that I have a job. I even thanked Him today for my overtime. In this economy I think a job is essential and very much worth being thankful for. Am I on the right track here?
    Terry Powell

  2. Robert Steele says:

    Thank You Terri
    I just want to say how much I love and care about you IN THE NAME OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST Thank you Terri.

  3. Robert Steele says:

    Always remember Terri its not about what you did in this Earth that makes you happy but what Jesus did for you 2000 years ago when he shed his BLOOD FOR YOU that makes you a WINNER in this EARTH. Love you sister Your Brother in CHRIST JESUS

  4. Robert Steele says:

    Hey Terri
    Dont mind if I do go punch the devil and wack him just like GIDEON and The LORD OF COVENANTS and The MIGHTY FLAMING SWORD AND ROBERT Love you my dear sister expect a HABITATION OF GOD and a MIRACLE and victory in your life IN JESUS NAME

  5. Jeff says:

    God bless you Terri!
    This pod-cast has been so inpirational and rejuvinating to Me!
    This and Other threads have renewed Me in only a few weeks! By vocally speaking scripture and banning Satan, My healing has been rapid. My spirits are high, my works motivated, and “The Prodigal Son” returned to Me with the message in his heart! I intend to strengthen him by viewing your podcast and to follow your teachings.

    Praise be to Christ!

    Though Satan lurks in the shadows, He NO LONGER has any sway over me, nor will he my child, because he knows that I will fight! And fight HARD! He can do Me no more harm in “Soul Disturbance!” We belong to Christ! Born of His spirit, washed in His blood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Peace be with You. and Thank you.

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