Journaling Your Time With The Holy Spirit, pt.3

Listening to the Holy Spirit and journaling what He says will transform your life. It will give you peace, wisdom, hope, healing, direction, stability, and build your confidence. You don’t have to guess what God wants you to do…you can receive the direction and vision you need to live and enjoy life!

12 thoughts on “Journaling Your Time With The Holy Spirit, pt.3

  1. Sean says:

    Hi Terri.
    How are you? I’ve watched your podcasts for 3 years now. You do a beautiful job with your messages. I was born with several disabilities. I have scoleosis which is curvature of the spine. The second disability I have is dextrocardia which means my heart is on the opposite side of my body unlike most folks. The third disability I have is hydrocephalus which is a tiny water blockage in my brain so to prevent further damage when I was just 2 weeks old I had to have a shunt put in. You’re a special lady Terri. I love your podcasts. I love you Terri.

    Derry, New Hampshire.

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