41 thoughts on “Make Your Dreams Bigger Than Your Memories, pt.5

  1. Ian Beckett says:

    I believe there are people ready to be blessed by you who can identify with you because of what you have been through and as you pour ourself out for their sakes your dreams will be fulfilled .You are a great example as you give to others the gift of acceptance and hope in Jesus name.I pray you will continue to be a blessing and all your dreams will be fulfilled. Be encouraged ; You ARE a blessing.

  2. Malaysia says:

    You messages have changed my life. l am no longer defeated, restless and sad.

    l thank you for your work and thank you for being the vessel that God chose to bless me and other people who relate to you. l am a victor now and not a victim of circumstances and the past.

    May God continue to bless your work, family and every hand that has made this website possible.

  3. Liza Rowe says:

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