what is partnership?

Partnership is a personal commitment to support Terri Savelle Foy Ministries with your prayers and finances on a regular basis. We believe that when you make this commitment, the same grace, anointing, discipline, and results that are a part of this ministry will be a part of your personal life too. As you sow in to this ministry, I want to sow back in to you. To show my gratitude, we have created our Partnership Growth Tracks. Each growth track is a 12-month “course” that provides you with specific teachings and resources to help you let go of the past, set goals, and achieve your God-given dreams and purpose. When you become a partner and setup a monthly gift, every month you will receive an email with an introductory video, a link to an audio teaching, and a downloadable worksheet with action steps.

To learn more about Partnership Growth Tracks, click one of the three options below.

God wants you healed and whole so you can passionately pursue the plans He has for you. In this Partnership Growth Track, Healing and Restoration, Terri shares from personal experience the steps you must take to receive emotional healing and get free so you can fulfill God’s assignments for your life.

Whether you feel stuck, unsure of your dreams, or think they’re too big to achieve, this Partnership Growth Track is perfect for you! In this twelve-month interactive course, Terri will help you discover your dreams, develop goals, and show you how to fulfill your purpose.

God created you to succeed and prosper in all you do. The Success for Your Future Partnership Growth Track will provide you the tools and essentials you need to achieve success in your life. Terri’s teachings each month will help you discover how to organize your time, gain focus, create a plan, and much more.

general giving support

To give a one time gift or to give monthly, but you do not want to receive a growth track, click donation.