Letting Go Of The Past, pt.3

The enemy of your soul will use anything he can to keep a part of you tied to your past. It may even be an old CD, a picture, clothing, letters, perfume…anything that has an negative emotional tie attached to it. When letting go of your past, it’s important that you clean out everything that’s stopping you from going forward.

Past Mistakes Don't Have To Affect You Future

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10 thoughts on “Letting Go Of The Past, pt.3

  1. Ashley says:

    Hey Terri,
    i just watched your letting go of the past series and really enjoyed it. Before i watched the videos the holy spirit was telling me to delete some messages that i had been saving on my msn that i would go back and look at. i didnt know why i would look back at the messages because every time i did it would just reopen the wound. it took a bit for me to delete the messages and after i did, i stumbled upon your podcast. i knew it was God because only he could do something that great. your message showed me why i had to delete those messages. they were from a guy i liked but we were focusing too much on eachother then on God. we werent dating but acted like it and convinced ourselves it was ok. we soon figured out it wasnt and it really ruined our friendship. all i wanted was to have the fairy tale story find the person you would spend the rest of you life with at 16 but i guess thats not Gods plan for me. i know he has good plans for me but i really wish i could have known sooner what i was doing then i could have saved a friendship. after our decision he started acting harshly towards me and it really hurt i just wanted to have my friend back but i guess he didnt feel the same way. we talk now but its not the same i know God still has to work on both of us but i just get so discouraged sometimes. i really liked him and i thought God was in it. i just dont know how to get over it and move on i dont know if i can like anyone else every time i think i do i just compare them to him. i know im on the right track and am greatful for your podcasts but is there anything else i can do?

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