Letting Go Of The Past, pt.4

A person with no vision will always return to their past! If you do not have a vision for your life, you will go right back to your old ways. And vision starts with tomorrow morning when you wake up.

If you do not have your eyes on a new plan, a goal, a vision, you will go right back to where you are familiar – your past. Get free from your past with a daily plan to keep you focused on what’s ahead.

Past Mistakes Don't Have To Affect You Future

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2 thoughts on “Letting Go Of The Past, pt.4

  1. Lee says:

    Hey Terri…I just wanted to let you know that your ministry is such a blessing to me. The teachings about letting go of the past and not letting my past destroy my future is really encouraging to me and it is also helping me to see that God really does love me even in spite of me and the plan He has for me will come to pass if I just receive His mercy and love and be future focused not past possessed. As I was listening to your teaching on Lift Your Head, the Holy Spirit told me that if I keep being possessed by my past it will paralyze me. I never forgot that. And the word possessed was a good word because it seemed like my past had control over me and over my mind. I still from time to time have to fight off those thoughts, but when I do, I listen to one of your teachings and it inspires me to keep pressing forward. I pray that one day you will be able to publish a book that contains this information about how to get over the past and the mistakes and failures and the sins and if or when you do, I would love to purchase a copy. Thank you so much for your obedience to the Lord and may He continue to open more doors of opportunity to bless others with the love of Christ.

    Your partner in the gospel,

    Coach Lee Marlow

  2. Jeff says:

    Ive spent this weekend studying this 4 part thread. Ive come to realize that Ive been dwelling in the past for 4+ years and it has kept Me from moving forward. Ive carried the burden of divorce, reconciliation, a problem child, and failure in a few relationships. Im able to see the problems that have afflicted Me for a long time. Regarding My past, and in no order, I speak of others Who have caused Me “Soul-Disturbance.” Materialism, sexual abuse, a duty to friends in conflict. and a thankless occupation. And neglecting Myself over-all. Im a “Nurturer.” I find healing by helping others, but I cant seem to help Myself. In My giving to others, I have compiled a world of self-neglect. I think I need time away for Myself to heal. I think that Gods calling for Me is to help others heal by sharing what I been through Myself. But My cross is heavy, and my feet stumble. But I feel a renewal through Your teachings. Thank You!
    Now, I have a house to clean… : )

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