Practice Your Posture

Your body language is largely responsible for the impression someone has of you. After receiving my minor from Texas Tech University in Communication Studies, I began to really notice body language…in myself and in other people. It’s so interesting to study.

What I learned is that 93% of the way we communicate is done through body language…non-verbally. You are saying so much without ever opening your mouth! In fact, it has been proven that most rapists and kidnappers look for people who appear timid and insecure. How do they know? In the way they carry themselves.

Some of the signals of an insecure person include:
* Limp, weak handshake
* Weak, soft voice
* Dropping head and looking down
* Poor, stooped posture (shoulders slumped)
* Folded arms, crossed legs,
* Hair covering the face
* Rubbing hair or back of neck
* Touching or covering parts of your face
* Lack of eye contact while speaking with others, etc.

There are many other signs that communicate insecurity non-verbally, but the point is: the way we appear on the outside is really a reflection of how we feel about ourselves on the inside. I want you to know that Jesus paid the price for your valuable life by hanging His head down in shame on that Cross — so that yours could be lifted up. You have every reason to pull your shoulders back, hold your head up high and confidently go before God as his precious child.

Don’t let Satan take advantage of you or even think that he has a chance in destroying your confidence in who you are in Christ. Practice carrying yourself like the child of God you are! Carry yourself with dignity and purpose! You’re forgiven. You’re valuable. You’re loved by Your Heavenly Father.

If you think highly of yourself and your calling, you carry yourself that way! Pull your shoulders back right now. Practice good posture. You’ll appear and feel more confident. And you have every right to be confident!

Hebrews 10:35 — “Do not throw away your CONFIDENCE …it will be greatly rewarded.”

2 thoughts on “Practice Your Posture

  1. Rachel Stephens says:

    I just want to say thank you for confirming what I am going to teach tomorrow night at our ladies fellowship. The Lord had put it in my spirit to bring the teaching of Winning the Attitude by Capturing that Thought! 2 Cor 10:5. I will go ahead with the message He gave me.

    When we see other sisters in Christ bring this teaching it tells me there is a problem in the body of Christ with our ladies and they need to hear from God that HE is listening and watching and wants something better for them. Satan has played his Arsenal Psychological weapons long enough and we need to help our sisters to recognize them and capture it before it drops in our spirit and live it.

    God Bless and Keep up the good work!


  2. Bryan says:

    Hi Terri, what a wonderful message you brought to us!!!! Well I read the whole thing (of course) and I realized I did all the things you listed on a regular basis, and it was very deep rooted and I could add many other things to that list. But that was before I received the Holy Spirit and spoke in new tongues, even though this was a few days ago I have noticed I have a boldness that I didnt have before, Glory be to God! I know me and the Holy Ghost can improve myself even more than what I have already noticed but Im just so thrilled and happy. I know Im on my way to getting complete confidence in myself and God’s Word! Thank you Terri, whatever you write or say is always a blessing.

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