4 thoughts on “Refuse to Give Up

  1. LaCourdia Jones says:

    I took away these key points, hear the Word, Speak the Word of God and refuse to quit. I prayed this morning for a fresh word of understanding and I needed to understand that everyone is going through or facing obstacles, and how the enemy is working overtime to steal, kill and destroy my faith in pursuing my dreams and vision but I must do my part as a child of God and be very adamant at working my faith and declaring God’s Word to my circumstances, challenges and obstacles. This message is a Rhema word that I literally prayed for as much as needed. Thank you for scripture references, especially God declares the end from the beginning. I have been saying it and didn’t know where it was and your translation gave such revelation.

    Thank you. As for that Pastor who came to quit, although I am not a Pastor, I too thought the exact same thing. But nevertheless, I am sure of this I can’t please God without faith, so I will dig in to the Word of God like a hungry lion with expectations of God’s Word of promises manifesting in my life and family.

    Thank you soooooo much. You are truly a beautiful gem, a sapphire, and so inspiring. You speak with such hope, love, and heartfelt warmth to want our dreams to come to fruition as bad as we do.


    Multiplied Grace and Favor of God unto you.

  2. Primrose Tatayi Ncube says:

    Very motivating and encouraging.l loved the personalised bible verses.keep on motivating us l always look forward to Mondays because l would be anxiously waiting to hear what you would have to say to motivate me.Since l started listening to your podcasts and your dad’s bible teaching in February 2016.l am a different person now and quitting is no longer an option to me too.

  3. Deanna Young says:

    Teri: I just came across your messages on YouTube and I am blown away at how God is using you to let me hear exactly what I need to hear!! I work 4 days a week at a company as the manager of the trademark portfolio and have a speaking/writing ministry on the side that ties in with the non-profit we have started in memory of my sister wherein we deliver buckets of goodies to children who suffer from cancer. I just published my very first book – a book of devotionals and I had to stay the course and dream it and live it!! Your message was absolutely wonderful. I have so many other goals and I am in awe of you. I’m so glad God led me to your podcast today.

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