15 thoughts on “Severing Soul Ties is a Process

  1. Judy Arsenault says:

    Dear Terri,
    God had provided many opportunities to break up with my verbally and emotionally abusive boyfriend. In fact, I decided that I had to do it while reading your article in an old Adventures of Faith magazine while I was at my hunting camp all by myself one day. I didn’t want to live like this anymore.I was absolutely miserable. God provided another opportunity and I broke up with my verbally abusive boyfriend almost a year ago. I think about him often. I’ve talked to him on the phone, been intimate with him and recently experienced more verbal abuse from him. He isn’t saved, is an alcoholic and really just wants to use me. Please pray that I can forget about him. I am watching your podcast on ungodly soul ties and realize that I need help from God. I want to more than anything get free from this. It is tormenting.

  2. Jono says:

    I’m confused!!! I know Satan is the author of all confusion, so you’d think I’d be able to decide what I should be doing…but I don’t!
    I read & listened to your posts on breaking soul ties months ago. I even replied with comments stating that I agree with your views but they don’t apply to me, as I am basing my dreams & goals on God’s promises of restoration to me in my marriage.
    Now I’ve come full circle & am now unsure again to whether or not I should be holding onto the promise that God will restore what has been stolen from me (my marriage) or accept what has happened & move on.
    At times I get annoyed & down when I think about my situation but then at times I’m inspired to believe that through my faith in God, nothing is impossible for Him.
    I guess I need to acquire & hear from the LORD in what He wants me to do!
    Bless you Terri

  3. Tracy says:

    Hi Terri
    I just happened to run across your website, i was in a relationship that had so many red flags, i was NOT a christian at the time and HE ended up leaving me, i suffered alot of deep grieving not only did i lose him i also lost my 6 yr old step duaghter. I have often wondered why god allowed this to happen, but i believe you are right God can see down the road and knows why things have to happen it our lifes, Im still single after 5 yrs but i know thru this i came to know God and got saved 2.5 yrs ago. Things have are starting to get better but it has been a process but well worth it.
    He has moved on with another women and i do think about him at times but i know god has a better plan for my life and my family
    God Bless you and all you Do

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