Tailor-made Temptations Package

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Tailor-made Temptations – 3 Compact Disc

God has a tailor-made plan for your life that fits your strengths, personality, talents and background. It is custom-designed just for you! However, Satan also has a tailor-made plan to tempt, distract and destroy your life. In this eye-opening series, Terri uncovers the prominent ways the devil tempts you and how you can overcome his lies.

Breaking Soul-Ties – 2 Compact Disc

Your soul is made up of you mind, your will and your emotions. It is what you think, what you want and what you feel. A soul tie is an emotional connection or bond with another that unites you. Severing negative soul ties is not an easy task. But in this personal and heart-felt message, Terri reveals how soul ties are formed and step-by-step how to be free once and for all.

Include in this package is a measuring tape that says, “God has a tailor-made plan for my life.” it is a reminder that God’s plan for you is custom.

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15 thoughts on “Tailor-made Temptations Package

  1. Lorie says:

    I’ve had my own battles, as I was watching your show today it was about your tailor made series. What you’ve said I know to be true. I had one of those battles except it seemed different like I had more than one thing come at me. The others were anxiety, fear, anger. But I took out my sword and swung back, for the first time in a long time I took a stand instead of cowering, or running to the Lord asking him to take it away. I jabbed too. I hope I’m learning that I can’t be a Zena in a gown and tiara. Anyway I’m trying to find your cheat sheet you said was on your web site. Where is it?
    Or what is it under?

  2. Jennifer D. says:

    Hi Terri ~ I love the way God just has you on the TV when I am able to watch a bit. He always knows how to speak to my heart and it is usually on a subject just for me. Thank you for sharing the “already written down scriptures”! As much as I love to read God’s Word and apply scriptures to my life…with 5 kids to grow…I have very little time to write them down and print them off. So, thanks for helping me out! I am cleaning the trouble spots in my house, right now…no longer will they be strongholds! Bless you for sharing your heart.

    Your sister in Christ ~

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