Tailor-Made Temptations, pt.5

God has a tailor-made plan for your life that fits your strengths, personality, talents and background. It is custom-designed just for you! However, Satan also has a tailor-made plan to tempt, distract and destroy your life. In this eye-opening series, Terri uncovers the prominent ways the devil tempts you and how you can overcome his lies.

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12 thoughts on “Tailor-Made Temptations, pt.5

  1. Octavia says:

    Hej Terri,
    I am Octavia, 44 years old, I live in Denmarc (Scandinavien) and I came from Romania.
    I been listen to your broadcast, and I thing it is wonderfull. Thanks for the encouraging, thanks for dealing with us your experiences and at you open your heart to os. I experienced a lot of chame and rejection in my life, and I can identifie with the things you say.
    You ar very beáutifull, and thing that the devil told you the opposite. You come from a Savelle family, and still the devil dared to harass you. What can I say? My father was an alchoholic, I grow up in a very disfunctional home, but Jesus made me free, Praise God!
    I thought the devil tempt only the poor and stupid, low and without educations people.
    I just wanted to thanks you!
    God bless you.
    Octavia Vinter
    from Denmarc

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