Breaking Barriers

I woke up on my Birthday this year thinking about barriers that need to be broken in my own life. That’s my goal this year – to see barriers that have stood in my way for too long…come crashing down. I know the definition of insanity is: to continue doing what you’ve always done expecting different results. So, in order to break a barrier then I need to do “something” different — even if that something is one simple thing.

Whether it’s struggling with the barrier of losing those same 5 pounds month after month or saving more than $1000 at one time in your savings account (and not touching it!) or breaking the barrier of insecurity and going on that job interview with confidence, we all have barriers that try to prevent us from being all God wants us to be and having all that He wants us to have.

Share with me what kind of barriers you’re facing that need to be broken. And if you’ve developed a “plan” to break them, I’d love to hear it. I love having a plan.

25 thoughts on “Breaking Barriers

  1. Soroya says:

    The biggest barriers that I am facing right now is in the gifts that I know God has given me. I am a self taught artist and writer. I have many articles that I have written in my personal journals and art that I have created. I feel as if the Lord is calling me to be bold and get my gift out to the people. Specifically to the broken hearted and those in need of encouragement through my creative gifts.
    The plan that I have developed {thanks to you and other wonderful teachers of the word} (your dad being one of them) is to spend time daily at the feet of the Lord and receive His wisdom. I know that God is the only one who gives true wisdom and that out of His mouth comes knowledge and understanding. Then to pray and ask Him to direct me in the path of righteousness for the day.
    Next I will focus on the personal instruction that God gives me in order to do what I know He is calling me to do. Last but not least obey. As they say: “Don’t just do it” “Do it Just”
    I have found that writing down my goal for the day has really helped and to make specific appointments to work on my projects.

  2. Robert Steele says:

    Probably the Newest Barrier I have discovered is One that has effected me the most thru the years but I failed to recognize it up until now. Too often we fail and miss God because of this very One thing and that is as Christians we tend to serve and worship God out of our heads instead of from our hearts. When I was growing up my family never discussed the difference between the two and as a result I ended up living my life out of my head instead of from the heart. Situations in life got stormy to say the least. However the way I am overcoming the issue is to constantly check up on myself as I go about my daily affairs and by diligently reminding myself to think, speak, and act on his word from the heart. It has had a freeing effect in my life. Try it and as you CHECK UP ON YOURSELF do it by looking deep inside and ask yourself now did I say that because it was in my heart or because thats just what I think the boss wants to hear or am I speaking in Faith here with confidence in God or is my emotions in the way causing me to act on fear because these worldly family members are persecuting me. Do I have confidence in Gods ability to perfect me or am I embarrassed about some of my imperfections. God’s will is to give us grace and wisdom in these areas to know the difference so that our testimony might be effective as believers in Christ Jesus— and as you answer these questions for yourself you might be surprised at how easy it is sometimes to allow your head to get in the way of your heart. Consider it and you will be set free as you think, speak, and act upon God’s word continuously from your heart.

  3. jacqui Franclemont says:

    I grew up in a very dysfunctional home, thusly I don’t see things the way most people do. I have as an adult (I became a Christian at age 22) struggled with God as my father, my daddy and with trusting God.
    3 years ago I received a revelation that the reason I struggled was because my earthly father broke every promise he ever made to me ,and I keep waiting for God to do the same.
    I am still waiting for the fulfillment of my Godly promises, I fight discouragement, but, I remind myself of his promises in the word. That he will never leave me nor forsake me, that he is the same yesterday, today and forever, AND that his word is yes and amen. His word does not return void. I am then encouraged.

  4. Jessie says:

    I have many barriers and had many barriers, my eating, stepping out into the full plan that God has for me etc.., But as I have Allowed the Lord and His word to change the way I think in areas in my life, and the way I think about myself, things have been changed and barriers broken and I am allowing the Lord to change every area of my life…I thiink the goal and plan that I have for the rest of the barriers in my life is to allow God to change me, through His word, and remind myself that it is one step at a time, and praise Him for the victory I have now in my life and look at myself and see how far He has brought me and be thankful and just trust Him for the rest…I want to thank you Terri for your teachings they have spoke to me, He has used your ministry in my life and He broke some barriers using you in my life…so thank you….

  5. nate Nathan says:

    Hello There Terry,
    firstly thanks for making available to the public worldwide, your audio podcasts. Also as someone else had commented, thatnks for being apropriately transparent about many of teh difficulties you faced in Life. It makes one feel that we are not alone in facing those challenges, and we can see that just as you have overcome them , so can we too thaks to your sharing the Solution – Jesus the Eternal Word of God. It is also a refreshing change from some preachers who pretended to be soooo perrrfecttt. I think by sharing how you overcame those challenges, your ministry is in fact more valuable to most people as we can more or less identify with most of them even if some of our challenges are not identical , there sure are many similarities. I believe you will find a great demand developing for your ministry and so i hope you will remain as approachable as you seem to be today. Hope to meet you someday even though i am over in south europe. Perhaps someday i could get you over here to speak at our church – it seems impossible at the moment – so it will have to be Job for El Shaddai dont yhou think ?
    Godbless you Greatly, from , nate

  6. Val says:

    My barrier is procrastination, I have great ideas and I dream about ther things I want to achieve in life, but when it comes to DOING I tend to talk myself out of things, or give up to easily. My plan is to always remember that what ever gift or ability God has placed within me is the answer to someone’s prayer, I realise time is short and I am here for a purpose and that I do need to approac life differently and to do that means spending quality time with God not squeezing him in around my schedule but putting him first in everything, in practical terms this for me is my devotional time learning to hear and listen to god’s voice tuning out all the distractions (tv, internet, phone, listening to gossip!!) It’s not going to be easy I’ve tried and failed so many times but I know that god requires something of me and the only way it can be unearthed is if I keep God first keep God as my focus and consistently give thanks with a grateful heart to God, focus less on me and my problems and more on the needs of others around me.

    Thanks Terri for your articles and podcasts, I discovered your programme by chance, and your teachings are very timely for me right now as I feel god is preparing me for something and I really need to have a spiritual spring clean and deal with some issues that I’ve been happy to sweep under the carpet for too many years. Thank you for allowing god to use you so mightily. May god continue to bless you and your ministry to others.

  7. jodie says:

    Hello Terri,
    it was so apt to read this today, as over past 18months of real trying times God has been showing me so

    much of my root cause of things that prevents me from so much of being all he want”s to do in my life for his glory.
    That is a real self hate , shame and self rejection of my self. I will daily overcome this with God ,can not do it with out him,
    by speaking out loud what he says about me in his word and to stop saying and thinking the negative things of my self.
    I know this will not come easy to me as just when I seem to be moving foward something will event it self for me to beat
    myself up again, you know my mum always said Im my own worst enemy. Well if God is for me who can be against me,
    so if Im against me I guess that means Im against God and that is not my hearts desire, my heart is to please and honour
    my God so I guess this is not pleasing to God, you know what never really thought of it that way before that my self hating was hurting God. Well that gives me motivation to overcome this in God.
    God’s abundant blessings to you and your family terri.

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