The Surprising Way I Stay Motivated

Have you ever been challenged to find the motivation needed to do what you know you should?
I understand. That’s when I discovered proven ways that helped me break out of that rut. And today, I want to share with you the secret to self-motivation.
It’s not very hard to motivate yourself to do something you want to do… but have you ever wanted to be in better shape and couldn’t find the motivation to eat healthier or work out more consistently?
Have you ever wanted to be closer to God but kept sleeping through your alarm during what was supposed to be your prayer time?
Have you wanted to save money but when the first opportunity to spend was placed in front of you, you ended up spending?
This is why you need to find self-motivation from within… and I’m going to show you how.
Start by defining what a successful life looks like for YOU.
Get out your pen and paper and just pretend it’s your funeral (morbid, I know). What would you want your family and friends to say about your life?
  • What do you want your spouse to say about your character?
  • What do you want your best friend to say you accomplished?
  • How did you inspire and love those closest to you?
By doing this, you’re not just writing a little story, you’re writing YOUR story. You’re writing your dreams!
I want the passion to pursue these dreams and goals to rise up on the inside of you like never before.
Why? Because when your dreams and goals are magnified, that’s when you get the motivation to:
  • Say no to sleeping in and yes to hitting the gym
  • Say no to watching TV and yes to reading a book that grows you
  • Say no to foolish spending and save for what you want most
I’d love to tell you that it will be easy. But the truth is, even after defining what a successful and unsuccessful life is for you, it’s going to take determination and grit to break the old routines that have held you back.
I wrote out my morning routine for you minute-by-minute. I believe by changing your routine, you you can change your whole life. 
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