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  1. Muriel Noble says:

    Hi Terrie
    just wanted to let you know that only a few days ago, my husband and I discovered you have a web site and
    podcasts.we have nearly listened to them all on our Ipods.
    Your voice is so sweet ,easy to listen to, and sincere.
    God is using you to really encourage and build us up. You speak in a practical way to
    we live in N-Iireland,and I know your Dad is coming over in Sept
    to a Church in Ballymena-please could you come with him ,we would both love to meet you
    If you are unable to come,we hope that some of your materials will be there

    Can I just take this opportunity to ask you to pray for my husband. Derek,he has really low self esteem feels guilty having anything .His father treats him different from his sister.
    Last year God blessed Derek with promotion ,and he feels vunerable
    fearful and unfit for his job yet he is very capable and gets great reports .
    Derek feels he doesn’t have a right to have anything and his Dad enforces this.
    I do not know anyone with such integrity and character as Derek.

    He is very capable yet he does not see this in himself.
    So you can appreciate that we are feeding on your podcasts .

    I just want to encourage you and can hardly wait for more of your
    podcasts to appear .

    Blessings -you look great too!


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