18 thoughts on “Where Were You Headed Before the Storm Hit? pt.3

  1. Eddie says:

    You know, somehow I find it hard to believe that, here’s the daughter of a very powerful, anointed minister of the gospel, admitting that she has had so many trials in her own life and issues that she’s had to deal with, storms of life that threatened to sink her ship…and it’s like, wow, she’s gone through all that? You’d think that with Jerry Savelle as her dad, surely she would just float through life riding under the wings of her dad’s anointing, right? And yet she freely admits to her insecurities and poor self-image as a youngster..! wow!
    It is very inspiring to say the least!
    I like Terri’s gentle spirit.
    I like her tone of speech and laughter!
    And I think she’s cute too! =)

  2. Elisha Freeman says:

    I stumbled across Terri’s messages through YouTube and have truly been blessed. I am a 51 year old mother and grandmother and wife, and have found such words of wisdom and strength and motivation through this wonderful women of God! She has the sweetest spirit and the cutest voice that makes you stop and listen. This here message I want to get for my daughter that is in a storm dealing with cancer. She is 31 and I know this will bless her, because I’ve been telling her to not go through this alone because others can encourage her, and speak possitive words into her life when she is hearing and feeling only negative. So Terri, may God richly bless you for your obedience to your calling, as you help so many. Your openess and honesty has a lot to do with getting others attention. My struggles come mostly through my mental state. I’ve struggled for many years with mental illness, and God has delivered me, but I continually get tried in that area, so I have to keep my focus on God at all times. You have so many messages I want to get to help me through those times I may struggle a little with focus. God Bless You!

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