8 thoughts on “Where Were You Headed Before the Storm Hit? pt.4

  1. Jim Servis says:

    Dear Terri,
    I’m a former student of your dad’s back in 1997. Not a whole lot has gone as planned since graduating his school. The last 5 years have been especially hard with long term job and house loss and nothing promising in sight. I know that I am called as a pastor and teacher but so much time has passed that I’ve pretty much given up on it. Your message was very encouraging. You hit many of my “dare I say” feelings over these years. I don’t hit brother Jerry’s site much and this is the first time I’ve hit yours and I’m glad I did. I am familiar with your family knowing your dad and your sister and through friends back in Crowley I know what goes on. That is what makes your teaching and testimony all the more powerful and helpful. I know you’ve been through some trials also. The one thing I always liked about your dad when he taught us one on one was he was always real with us yet with that strong teaching anointing. You have that same “feel’. It’s exciting to see how the Lord is using you and I pray for continued success for you and your whole family. Keep it up no matter what negative feedback you may get. Thanks again for this word.

    In His Love,
    Jim Servis
    San Ramon,CA

  2. cynthia jardine says:

    Hi. I just got email. I am excited. Now I can keep in touch. I am very encouraged by your messages. My son woulld like to use our internet now. But I can do this more often now. bye for now. Praise the Lord.

  3. Sultan says:

    i am so excited when i was hearing your message. it give me new plans for life thank you very much very much God bless you. I am student of God. and i am also student of Bible college. Your messages give me More knowledge for Preaching. thnaks your fans Sultan Sardar

  4. Gerda Brunken-Lockemann says:

    hi Terry,

    I live in Germany and some weeks ago I “discovered” you in a newspaper of your father.
    I have lots of problems and severe health issues and I have the feeling living in a tunnel without an opening end.
    Then I listened to your podcasts and hope rose up. I ordered some materials of your shop and now I realize that it is getting better and better with me (on the inside). You said , that we first are changed on the inside and that is a good start.
    I have lots of desires and plans for my life (although I am older) and I started writing my vision down and to imagine the details.
    My problems are still there , but I think I am on the right way.

    God bless you for encouraging me. Gerda

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