Why Too Many Goals Prevents Success


One of the greatest keys to achieving success and fulfilling your purpose is having goals. However, it’s possible that your goals are actually preventing the success you desire. Learn a simple adjustment you can make to experience great progress in life.


43 thoughts on “Why Too Many Goals Prevents Success

  1. Ema says:

    Hi Terri, i’m so gratefull to God-he really knows all the burning desires of my hart!, and he leaded me to find you on youtube It was a strong desire of my hart to find somebody that speaks about success, but your way -hand on hand with HIS word. Now i wait for every single podcast (every single one seems like it was written to me!) like if it was a love letter from a boyfriend (do they send letters now?!) 🙂
    I totally agree with you because i have so many things that i want to do, and all the doors are open but..i don’t do anything, i try to focus on one, go back to another one, write goals, pick pictures…and nothing is written, no vision board. I seat, i try , try to focus and day by day i keep on doing nothing! Many goals, many problems are preventing the success i desperatly need. I wich i had a “partner” to pray with, to work with, to dream my dreams with. Sorry, my comment is to long and my english not so good..

  2. Denise Johnson says:

    The most powerful skill is the ability to learn from those who have done what youre believing to do.
    You are one of those people Terri i learn from , and for the past few months I wait each week to hear from you and learn.
    Thank you

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