You can live a clutter free life.

Sometimes it is more than our surroundings that become cluttered. Life can become cluttered when projects and tasks are left unfinished and when we procrastinate in the things we should do. The symptoms of a cluttered life are a lack of energy, little productivity, frustration, consistently feeling overwhelmed, being reactive rather than proactive, and time is easily wasted doing things that don’t matter. Do any of those things ring true for you? I know I can identify. Recently, as more demand was put on my time to write books, prepare new teachings, and travel, all while overseeing two ministries…my life got really cluttered. I definitely became inefficient and overwhelmed. Here’s what I’ve discovered: One of the best ways to overcome a cluttered life (in addition to praying and seeking God) is to develop a new routine. For me, that means I need to organize my week differently. I have to set aside two days a week to stay at home to write and prepare. I have to schedule specific days and times for the things that are important to me.

I encourage you to develop a routine that works for you. For instance, you may set aside every Tuesday at 7:30pm to do laundry. Or every time you get a bill, simply put them all in one spot, and set aside Saturdays at 10:00am to pay bills. Decide when you will go to the bank, grocery shopping, etc. Having an effective routine brings together your “to do” and “when”. It is not enough to have a bunch of “to do’s” in your head. That makes for a cluttered life. It is having the “when” attached to the “to do” that puts you in control and eliminates a cluttered life.

One of the best books I’ve read on the subject of time management is Julie Morgenstern’s Time Management from the Inside Out. In it she shares practical advice on “assigning every task a home”, how to be proactive, how to create a time map and other strategies that fit you.

Consider the fact that time management is ultimately about life management. You have one life to fulfill what God has assigned you to do. Let’s make the most of it!

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  1. Laurie says:


    I enjoy listening to you speak and reading your posts.

    I love to organize and am a long time follower of Fly Lady. This week I have been decluttering kitchen cabinets one shelf a day. To declutter the entire kitchen cabinets all at once is too overwhelming.

    Today I cleaned out two drawers. I feel so good about doing just that little task which took no time at all. I brought the drawer into the living room and cleaned it out while I was watching a favorite TV show. I hardly knew I was working. I realized half my drawer was full of little scoops I had saved from drink mixes. So, I threw them all out, put the rarely used cooking utensils in a container that I will keep above the refrigerator and now my little tiny kitchen drawer (yes, I only have one that is less than standard size) has lots of room in it. My husband was surprised and impressed with the room I found in that little drawer.

    Thank you for all your tips, help and encouragement. I’m a faithful follower.

  2. Lahomah Freeman says:

    Thanks Terri for all the information you have take the time to give . Its been a blessing to me at this time in my life I need hear this info on clutter life & your personal life it help in grow in those area of life especial on gettin a organized life & to take control of your life. P.S. please response with any information you make have to have avaible

  3. Linda says:

    Excellent ideas! I love things like this!

    Year ago, the Lord impressed on me to take a Sabbath rest each week. It is just time with the Lord, that may include working on things He has assigned me to keep at. It may be an electronic free day where I am unavailable to anyone else and I take my notebooks and Bibles and my Lord and we hang out. Or it may be filled with my research materials where I write as He directs using my computer, and online references but each week, I hold to this one day with just God and I. It has really changed how I do the rest of my week because I get so refreshed being with the Lord like this. I have found working six days a week works, after this one day.

  4. Mrs. Bennett says:

    I’m reading Julie’s book now and her book in conjunction with your practical teachings are such jewels in my life. I have always been very goal oriented and I love creating vision boards and journaling about what I want to accomplish each year while sowing seed for it. Still I never got around to doing activities that supported my “big picture goals” as julie puts it. Creating a time map and taking your advice on listening to one cd everyday as I get dressed and cook and clean for my family has changed my life in so many ways. Thank you terri so much!!!! your teachings and your father’s teachings have blessed me and my family, WE ARE VERY THANKFUL FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. God Bless!!!

  5. Brandi Martin says:

    (I believe I was meant to write this Friday…but oh well…here it goes on “Sunday!”)
    Thank you whoever wrote this!
    I’m kind of confused on that retrospect… but that’s ok 🙂
    But if Terri wrote this, I’m the little girl/ women ya met at Grace Church (very little indeed!) Don’t know if that rings any bells, but either way this was an answer from the Lord to me! For he works in mysterious ways!
    In a supernatural sort of way… I wrote a little schedule for myself to try to get things together that weren’t, the VERY day this was written! :O And to top that off, this year (among probably others) has been pretty cautic in a way and filled with confusion about why I was the way I was… and I could never really put one deffinate word on it… for everything that was discussed in this blog described those VERY symptoms. And then I saw the word “cluttered life.” :O WOW! I was pretty amazed and I’m pretty sure that hit the target well on. I don’t think I would have ever figured that out supprisingly, because it is very obivous my life is anytyhing but “Anti-Cluttered” at the moment. But this here was extremly HELPFUL! For everyone has a purpose in this life, and the Lord has perfected it in everyway. But for us to be able to tap into that, we have to be willing to trust him, stay receptive to his voice, and go about it his way. For there may be an even GREATER reason why I’ve gone through the things I’ve gone through this year… once again, in a possible supernatural/ mysterious way of the Lord…
    I have been given a mission in this upcoming summer sense a few weeks before school started… to plant a seed, and to do the work of the Lord in an individual’s life… But maybe, just maybe, I went through this “Cluttered life/yr.) to be able to understand this person’s circumstance to the core, way of living, and to be able to be empathetic for healing, transformation, and growth to be taken place! For everything happens for a reason and the Lord will never give us what we can’t handle through him… for we can never handle it on our own… but through him all things are possible! 🙂
    Thanks again!
    God Bless!

  6. Liz Cook says:

    I just got home from attending an AWESOME Icing Event in Crowley. I think this was the BEST one out of the 3 I’ve attended! Excellent job Terri!!

    I bought the Clutter CD to listen to on the way home & unfortunately it doesn’t work! It must be really good for Satan to ensure I couldn’t listen to it this evening. All I can say to that is that GOD takes what Satan means for evil & makes it work toward good in my life! I need another CD girlfriend… And I know when you send it to me it will be GOD’S perfect timing for me to hear that word:-)

    please let me know who/how to contact you to get a new CD… THX!!

  7. Debi says:

    In the words of a famous TV show host/life coach, I had an AHA moment when I read the article “Clutter Cleanout” in the Spring 2012 issue of “Adventures In Faith”. The AHA moment – “finish your laundry”. I actually laughed out loud when I read that statement because that is exactly what I do! I wash, dry, fold the laundry and then just stack it on top of the dryer.

    No more! Just this past week, I began organizing my home office – finally putting all my books on the beautiful bookcase my cousin built for me; organizing my papers, actually having a space on my desk for my laptop (it’s been sitting on my dining room table for a few months). I truly thought I was getting organized and then I read the article and the “finish your laundry” statement. I WAS (emphasis on WAS) one of those that started a project but didn’t finish.

    The other part of the article that “hit home” was that although I may have some success now, just imagine the greater success I will have when I un-clutter my life!

    Thanks, Terri! Once again you’ve hit a home run!

  8. Pamela Anthony says:

    I’ve been seeking & praying for an answer for a LONG time now… the last few days have been spent desperately praying & I found you here online… in this post you have described me to a ‘T’! I’m on a mission now… to get refocused on my business & to fulfill God’s plan for my life. THANK YOU, for offering the VERY words I have needed for years.

    Kentucky Gal, Pamela

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