Your Calling Is Calling, pt.1

Your life is precious. Every single day you live is recorded in history. In this truthful and timely message, Terri challenges you to be so determined to go after God’s plan for your life that turning back is not an option.

Maybe you don’t know what God has called you to do or you may have ignored God’s calling on your life for so long that you don’t even hear Him calling anymore.

Decide today that you will answer and fulfill God’s calling on your life! Your decisions today will affect your tomorrow. This vital message will teach you the keys needed to fulfill the very purpose you were born for.

Your Calling Is Calling

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14 thoughts on “Your Calling Is Calling, pt.1

  1. Amy says:

    A great message from Terri! She always has the perfect message at the perfect time for me! Praise the Lord! Great work done for the Lord in Tanzania! God Bless your ministry Terri and thank you for your encouraging and inspiring messages!

  2. janet webb says:

    Hi Terri thank you so much for giving such wonderful messages, that is coming at the right time for me

    love janet

  3. Gayle says:

    After stumbling a few times of what I thought I was supposed to be doing finally I am on God’s track. I am attending an online school learning the basics of business operations with my major on web design and digital design. However, I still don’t know exactly where I am to go with this. What’s more I have always wanted to write novels and have periodically jot down some words for it but not consistently. I know that these are not only my desires but God’s desires these things to take place in my life. Thank you, Terri for your email you sent and plan on ordering your cd soon. Most likely after Christmas.
    Merry Christmas!

  4. Andrea says:

    Dear Terri, Thank you for this message. For years I knew God had a call on my life, but I didn’t really pursue it. The last few months I’ve been seeking God, his will and calling for me. This word is an encouragement! God bless you and keep encouraging people to follow after God and fulfill their destinies!

  5. Dena says:

    You always brighten my day! And your messages are great!
    I always look forward to your show!

    You are in my prayers

  6. Susan says:

    Hi Terri
    You are such a blessing to me. When ever I look at your Podcasts, they speak or confirm what God is saying. ‘Your Calling is Calling’ is one of them. I have been crying out to God, that ‘I can not go on like this any more. Next year has got to be different.’ Then your letter comes, I read it last night before going to bed, wow! It was a true word from the Father – my wake up call! The first 3 paragraphs jumped right out of the page! I wept and wept! I will be putting my time alone with the Father before anything else. My first step!

    Watching your Podcast from Tanzania this morning, I just wept! Thank you so much Terri, you are like a wonderful sister to me, thank you for all your encouraging words of wisdom from above. I do pray that we meet one day so that I can give you a BIG hug of thanks! Bless you, bless you!

  7. oladipo dada says:

    I’m highly blessed by your message “Tailor-made Temptation” and your message “Your vision your life” In fact these messages are indeed a word in season from the Lord, to uplift me and to enable me to stand my ground and be committed to the purpose of God for my life regardless of my past mistakes and disappointment. The very day I listened to the Tailor-made Temptation I had a struggle that almost made me conclude that I’d wasted my time and that God can no longer use me. But as soon as I listened to your inspiring and direct message I found myself up on my feet with regained confidence which re-energized me to pray to God and rededicate my life to the course of God for my life. You are indeed a blessing! Thank God for your life.

    Thanks and God Bless.

  8. Patricia says:

    I am fifty years old and obese, have been since having my children. I have been recently going to Curves and walking but still trying to get control of my eating habits. Since I had a Coke at Casa Ole this evening (after my husband invited me) I am now up late. The good thing when I stay up late is that I always feed on God’s Word. I am not a late-night eater. Therefore, it is a blessing to see your videos on this website.
    I noticed that the e-mails posted above seem to be from some time ago except for the e-mail from oladipo dada. I decided to post also.
    Terri, you are adorable, and God has surely annointed you to reach many generations and varieties of people. I saw “Tailor-made Temptations” this week also; and allowing God to bring this message through you has given me such hope that it is, in fact, possible for me to recognize and turn from Satan’s traps against the purpose and plan God has for my life.
    I am in full agreement with this statement from oladipo dada above: “The very day I listened to the Tailor-made Temptation I had a struggle that almost made me conclude that I’d wasted my time and that God can no longer use me.”
    Please pray that God will give me the wisdom and grace to witness to others in the near future of how I finally got this excess weight off of my “temple” and how it’s all because of Him.
    There are many that will be standing in Heaven telling you, Terri, “Thank you for giving to the Lord.”
    Thank you LORD for calling Terri to Your gracious plan and purpose and allowing her to share with us the bounty.
    Love in Christ,

  9. Vicki says:

    Terri, I just want you to know what a blessing you’ve been in my life. I first saw you with your dad on Kenneth Copelands program a few years ago and have loved you ever since. One of the reasons I connect with you so well is your voice, I too have a tiny voice where people think I’m a kid over the phone, but that similar voice in you is so soothing. I listen to your cds while Im jogging, and when I go to bed at night. Your latest one that I got has been such a blessing, how to break soul ties, I really need that right now and I cant think of anyone Id rather hear teach it than you. Thank you for your honesty in sharing your own trials and tribulations as it helps my soul heal so much. I pray that God continues to bless you in whatever you do, and keep the cds coming. In His Love, Vicki

  10. Debi says:

    i picked up this set of CDs at this year’s West Coast Believer’s Convention. the timing is absolutely perfect (of course…). i’ve been listening to the first CD on my way to/from work. there are changes about to come in my life and this just reinforces what the Lord has been speaking to me about. Thank you, Terri!!!

  11. Paul Scott says:

    I was putting together a leadership training for my church and happen to stumble across one of your podcasts on Tailor-made Temptations. Not really knowing anything about your ministry, I just thought you were somebody on Youtube just trying to put yourself out there. After listening to your message, I could tell that you were an experienced anointed woman of God. I was drawn to both you and your father’s website and listened to about 20-30 podcasts. Then I gave my two sons who are ages 20 & 23 an assignment to put these podcasts on your Ipod and take notes. You are going to write a vision for your life and we are going to begin praying prayers of petitions. I ordered two of your father’s books on “Called to Battle, Destined to Win.” One of them I am going to give to a friend. Your ministries are a right now word in a desperate needed time. I thank you for how real and open you are with the word of God. You were born and called for such a time as this.

  12. vincent nixon says:

    hi terri,
    i’m not a partner of your ministry.
    but, i would like to thank you for the message;
    fear not, there is no fear.
    i am a christian too.
    thanks for being real.

    much love and respect, vincent.

  13. Heavenly Doms says:

    Hi Terri really good message u always bring such intresting messages !! I always look forward for your next message !

  14. Jules says:

    Bonjour Terri,

    Voici même pas une semaine que vous êtes repartie, avec mes mots, je voudrais juste vous témoigner toute ma profonde gratitude.

    Je ne vous connaissez pas. Une soirée, une fin d’après midi et deux livres de vous ont suffi pour libérer mon esprit et mes rêves délaisses et reniés.

    Terri, vous êtes venue à Paris en France invitée par l’Eglise Charisma pour ministrer et enseigner les femmes lors de la “Première convention dédiée aux femmes”, c’est l’homme que je suis qui a été énormément béni.

    La clarté et la puissance de vos messages, les histoires racontées pour illustrer vos enseignements me permettent aujourd’hui de comprendre le potentiel de Dieu que j’ai pour vivre une vie d’abondance sur cette terre.

    J’ai commencé à écrire mon éloge funèbre, en même temps que je m’équipe pour charger le matador.

    Merci beaucoup Terri, Seul Dieu vous rendra, je le crois, au centuple ce que vous nous aviez donné à Paris.

    Nous vous aimons en France.

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