Your Self-Image Affects Your Destiny, pt.3

What is your self-image? Your self-image is simply a portrait you carry around of yourself.

In this series Terri reveals the truth about;
– Having a healthy self-image
– How the devil will try anything to distort that image
– How a poor self-image keeps you from fulfilling your purpose
– How you can repair a damaged self-image

God has a special plan, purpose, and assignment for your life! It’s time to see yourself the way God sees you, so you can fulfill that purpose.

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16 thoughts on “Your Self-Image Affects Your Destiny, pt.3

  1. Renée Legault says:

    Hi Terri!

    I had the privilege of seeing you in Montréal on Wednesday evening! It was a fantastic message — full of hope and encouragement! My daughter was with me — wearing a little yellow jacket like your daughter’s. I’ve been listening to your CD’s — all so good! Thank you for your ministry!

  2. Louis says:

    Bonjour, Terry
    Mon épouse et moi, avons beaucoup apprécié ta venu à Montréal au ministère Wilkie. Ta venue était très attendue. Nous avons beaucoup aimé le message que tu a apporté et surtout la façon dont tu l’a fait. Nous te remercions d’avoir été là.

  3. Patty Michova says:

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