3 thoughts on “Your Setback Is Your Set Up

  1. Debra says:

    Thank you Terri. Wow I would’ve never known that you had surgery two weeks ago. This message was inspiring to say the least. You are an amazing woman of God. I love that you prepare your spirit soul and mind with your five daily goals. We see your perseverance and it speaks volumes. You smile and you continue to spread the good news in spite of some setbacks. Thank you Terri.
    Ps. I downloaded your book —
    Imagine Big, it’s an excellent book and since I’ve started reading it I have worked out daily and feel like a new me!

  2. Keriann says:

    Thank you Terri this message has and will help me to preserve on my journey to success you’re truly a blessing I thank God for keep me in your prayers that I don’t give up on my journey to success .praying for you and family love you

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