2 thoughts on “Your Vision, Your Life. pt.4

  1. charlene says:

    I love terri, she is such a blessing the way she preaches god word you make it so plain and simple to understand so we can put the word into practise. You have such a good/funny personality we (me and and my twin) can definately relate with. AMEN!! GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. XX:) Keep up the good work for Jesus!!

  2. Angela Valenti says:

    Thank YOU, Terri. This is EXACTLY what I needed to hear. Literally I had been crying today over my dreams and saying the identical things you spoke about not doing. It had to of been God to get me to your podcast today. I WILL praise Him for giving me the desires of my heart. I WILL enter into his gates with thanksgiving. I love you, Terri. Thank you for being YOU and my encouragement.
    xoxo Angela in Florida

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