32 thoughts on “Terri Answers Your Questions

  1. Becca W. says:

    You’re so precious! Thank you for sharing your heart and ministering to us. I was dealing with some insecurities that have come up in the past few weeks/months–which is kind of funny because I thought I was pretty confident in who I am in Christ. The Lord told me not to compare myself with other people and reminded me of the article you wrote (in Adventures in Faith Magazine) about how when other people didn’t see David’s potential, He did.
    Your broadcast today just confirmed what He told me about not comparing myself. It also reminded me that I need to spend more time with Him and helped me really understand why that it so important.
    Thanks again 🙂 R.W.

  2. Lin Schmid says:

    Hi Terri!
    I really love your ministry. I listen to your podcazst every week and will order some of your products.

    Where do Ifind the list of scriptures for fighting back?

    Thank you!

    ~ Lin ~

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